October 22, 2010

Mini Treat Bags

So, I've been busy sewing these little cuties...
from this pattern here in my Quilts and More Magazine {which I love and would highly recommend!}
You better believe I will be making them with some cupcake fabric in the near future.
They are so small that they would be perfect for little gifts or a bag of candy...
I love this fabric combination:)
And that they use grosgrain ribbon for the handles. SO smart!
Mini treat bags are available in my etsy store here
OR, at Wolfe's Marketplace on the candy tables :)


Lori Thompson said...


Jewels said...

Those are adorable! I can totally see them at a table at Wolfe's Market. Makes me miss home just a bit! :)

Lyndsey said...

I got some of these in my swaperoo gift from Kirsti -- let me just say that they are even cuter in person!! My kids are obsessed with these little bags- they carry all there little toys in them!!!