November 3, 2011

No-Sew Fabric Pumpkins

Even though I LOVE decorating for Halloween, it's always nice to declutter and put it all away. I love bottling up the excitement, knowing I will open it up next year on Oct. 1 (or earlier!) as I squeal in delight, ready to do it all again!! Here's my mantle all Fall-y now, ready for Turkey Day.
I have to show you these fabric pumpkins I made last year- they are by far the easiest project I've ever done (like, your 4 year old could make one) and they didn't cost a penny! (If you don't already have fabric, look for fat quarters on sale, sometimes $1 per cut at JoAnns)

1 Fat Quarter (18X21) or square of fabric
about that size
Toilet Paper Roll (with toilet paper still on!)
Branch or Sticks
Rafia or Ribbon
Glue Gun (optional)

1. Start by trimming your fabric if you're not using fat quarters.
2. Lay fabric right side down with newspaper on top. I folded the newspaper to fit, or cut/rip the edges.

3. Starting with the shortest sides, bring fabric up and tuck it inside the hole in the roll.
4. Find a nice thick stick or small branch outside and trim it to 3 inch pieces (I did 2.5 inches, but would recommend a little longer)
5. Tie Raffia or ribbon in bow around the stick
**Optional Step- Glue gun bottom of stick into the hole**
AND you are done!! See, easiest tutorial EVER!
More Thanksgiving fun headed your way soon!!

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Mallory said...

This idea is brilliant! I know so many people who don't sew who would love this. Thanks for sharing!