November 30, 2014

5 Great Healthy Holiday Gifts

Here are some GREAT ideas for healthy gifts {for yourself or} loved ones. We just ended our Pennies for Pounds group where we invested some change each day as we made good choices for our health. 

I've found the best way to be successful in reaching my fitness goals is to have a plan and some fun ways to keep myself motivated. I LOVE our support groups and the support that I receive from the other women. We post our sweaty selfies, fitness tips, healthy recipes, help & motivate each other & celebrate our successes! You can request to join HERE! 

1. SHOES! I found a great article about finding the best sneaker for your type of workout. You can find it HERE. I'm a huge fan of the NIKE FREE.
2. WORKOUT CLOTHES: If there's anything that motivates me most to workout, it's finding a new outfit to sport while I do it {and taking a selfie before & after :)} I love fabletics and your first outfit is $25 when you get a membership! Go HERE for more info!
3. NEW FITNESS PROGRAM: I'm one of those people that walks into the gym and goes, "um, what do I do now?" Unless I have a scheduled class, I'm clueless. I LOVE having a routine that is fool-proof, and I can follow each day and KNOW I am going to get the results I want. We have programs for new moms to slim down, tone up, build muscle, bulk up... pretty much whatever you want to do, we can help you achieve those goals. Contact me if you want some to help you identify your goals and find a good program to match. In 25-45 minutes a day, I can help you get a plan and stay on track!
4. SHAKEOLOGY: This is my favorite "stay fit, feel good" trick and I want to share with you. Shakeology is a meal replacement shake with 9 servings of fruit & veggies, and TONS of superfoods to help your body function at its best. Helps with healthy weight loss, increases energy, improves digestion and lower cholesterol. It's great for diabetes because it has a low glycemic index, and will be your healthiest meal of the day. I love how fast it is to mix up and that I know I am getting all the nutrients I need to look & feel my best. You can get a 30 day supply or start out with just a 7 day trial- just message me for details --or click on the 7 day trial link on the right----->
5. NINJA Blender: 
I use my NINJA everyday and LOVE it!! I love being able to just switch out the lids and GO... $30 off this weekend only thru QVC.

Alright, those are my ideas for healthy gifts!!

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