November 5, 2014

Pennies for Pounds- investing in your health (FREE Support Group!)

I'm trying something **totally different** but super excited about it!!
I hear a lot of people say their budget is what holds them back from focusing on their health, especially this time of year. I talk to a lot of moms who give everything to their kids and have little left for themselves.
What if you are able to receive the support, tips & resources you need to become healthier for FREE, and in a way investing "pennies" into your health "fund"

Here's how it works:
In our private *Pennies for Pounds* support group, you do whatever workout you want to do. Dust off those DVD's and commit to a workout a day. If you don't have a routine to follow, I will provide a plan for you with no equipment needed. 
I will also provide a clean eating meal plan for you to follow so you have the whole {fitness + exercise + support} part of the equation covered!

--You miss your workout? Throw some change in the jar
--Have a cheat meal? Empty your pockets
--{We weigh in once a week.} Loose a pound? Add a dollar to the jar. 
Because we are not "punishing" ourselves, 
we are also rewarding ourselves for our success too!

At the end of the challenge, you get to use the money in your jar to invest in something for your health! It could be a new pair of shoes, a yoga mat, the fitness program you've always wanted, new exercise outfit or Shakeology... anything health/fitness related!

What do you think?? Who's in? Comment here or message me if you want to be a part of this!!


The Allen Family said...

Just found your blog from the FB Primary Chorister's page but this sounds super interesting. I'd love more info!
Dezi Allen

Kirsti said...

Just messaged you Dezi!!