January 31, 2015

He Sent His Son- Review & Game

We have already learned He Sent His Son and have been singing it for opening exercises a few times, but I am excited to review it, go over a few things and play a fun game with the Questions & Answers that go along with this song!

Would you want to go into the jungle with hungry tigers and darkness and deadly diseases without having a plan? Would you send a friend or family member into this jungle without giving them something to help them?
So it is with Heavenly Father. He sent us to earth to learn and grow and be tested to see if we would choose the right. But He knew life on Earth would get dangerous and hard at times. So He sent His son, Jesus Christ to help us, to show us the path and to guide us home.

Here is our "knowledge backpack!" inside we have things to visualize parts of the song. The knowledge we have about the Savior will help us always!!
"What's the first question?" See if kids can recite first line. Put up flipchart pics as we review the questions and see items to help us remember words.

Question: How could the Father Tell the world of love and tenderness?
DOLL: He Sent His Son a newborn babe, with peace & holiness.
Question: How could the Father show the world the pathway we should go?
SHOES: He Sent his Son to walk with men, on earth that we may know.
Question: How could the Father tell the world of sacrifice, of death?
NAIL in EASTER Egg: He Sent His Son to die for us, and rise with Living Breath!
Question: What does the Father Ask of us/What do the scriptures say?
SCRIPTURES: marked with Alma 7:24
Have big kid come read scripture, picture of Jesus as bookmark- show primary
Have Faith, have hope, live like His Son, help others on your way
Question: What does He ask?
Live Like His Son- nice picture of Jesus

Have 5 reverent helpers pull out the 5 items and hold them while we sing the song through 1x

Then play the Q/A game!!!
Left side of room sing questions, Right side sing Answers
Vanilla ice cream/Chocolate Ice cream
Other fun ways to sing Q/A HERE!

I must explain that our Senior primary is tiny! One week we had 3 kids and 4 visitors. Our visitors over doubled our primary!! If everyone is there, we have 9 kids. So we used to combine Jr/Sr but now that we are separate I'm excited to do more with the scriptures, ask them deeper questions and play more trivia type games!

Instead of doing the backpack full of items, we will dive deeper into the scriptures. So we will sing all the way through one time and have them count how many questions we sang (6)
Then I will have them put the questions and corresponding pictures in order. I'll probably give everyone a piece of paper from my flipchart to put it where it goes. Questions are written up/ Answers are GAK pictures.

When they have the first 3 questions and answers in order, I will ask if they know the next 2 Questions
What does the Father ask of us? What do the scriptures say?

Let's open the scriptures and find out. I'll have 3 envelopes hidden somewhere in the room (play golden note to find each one)
Scripture #1- Alma 7:24 What does the Father ask of us?
Faith, hope, charity, always abound in good works.

What does Charity mean? If they don't know, find scripture #2- Moroni 7:47
Pure Love of Christ- "Live Like His Son" (Replace word strip)

Scripture #3- Luke 10:25-37 and tell story of Good Samaritan. "Help others on their way"

Add pictures

Last Question: What does He ask? Repeat answer: Live Like His Son

Play same Q/A game as above- but have them move seats to different sides of the room as we change who sings which part :)

We also love to use the Dynamics Sticks to sing He Sent His Son!

1st Q/A quietly (mouse)
2nd Q/A stronger (singing note)
3rd Q/A loudly (lion)
4th & 5th Q/A faster (bunny)
Combined answer slow down (snail)
Last Q/A stronger (singing note)


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this wonderful idea! I love it when we can teach from the scriptures!

Jess'n'John said...

Wonderful way to teach to both.

Crystal said...

Thank you! Very well thought out. FYI, the first question for the juniors you accidentally have "of sacrifice, of death" instead of "love and tenderness." :)

Crystal said...

Whoops, looks likes it's been fixed.

Kim said...

Totally using this today! Thanks! And by the way, I am totally geeking out on your blog. Family, fitness, singing time, homeschooling, crafting, SoCal, and blogging?!?! I do all the same things (except haven't quite made the switch to homeschooling yet...almost brave enough.) Seriously, I think we should be friends. :)

Unknown said...

you're so creative with this kirsti! I want to be in your primary! ;)

Kirsti said...

thanks girls!! :) This is so much fun, I can't even stand it. I'd love to connect with you Kim! It's fun to run into other like minded people!!