February 17, 2015

Singing Time Game- Sing or DARE!

I have only done this game with the Senior primary and it was a complete hit! I'm sure it would work for Junior too.
So here's our Sing or Dare cans (you better believe I opened up a can of kidney beans and sweet corn on Sunday morning just for this activity, hehehe! :)
Inside each can are the sticks that have how we will sing the song (any song works!) OR their dare! Pick a "reverent helper" one at a time and have them decide "sing or dare?" Then they pick a stick out of that can and read aloud!
-Play Stop & Go while you sing ____ (You pick the song/verse)
Leave out 2 keywords in the 1st verse. (I would write them on the board)
Girls face left, boys face right while you sing.
Rub your belly, pat your head as you sing.
Stand on one foot while you sing, if you drop the other foot, sit down.
"Buzz" instead of sing the word "the"

-Tell us your favorite thing about primary!
-Name 3 latter-day prophets (if they need a hint say-- who was the first prophet? Who's our prophet now? Remember the one before him?
-Give everyone in your class a high 5!
-Give your teacher a hug :)
-Stand on your chair & shout "I Love primary!"
-Give the primary president a high five.
-Tell us the names of everyone in your class
-Hop on one foot around the podium 3 x!
-Lead the music for us! (Do a quick lesson on count, or just have them lead a triangle, or back & forth or have them spell their name in cursive ;)!)

HAVE FUN with this!! If you have multiple songs you are reviewing, you can just write the titles on the board and rotate through them!


Kati said...

What is Stop and go? How do you play that? I am not a gamey type of person... thanks.

Kirsti said...

Kati-- Stop & go is super simple! You just hold up a green circle, or piece of paper when you want them to sing (go) and flip it to the red side, or hold up a red piece of paper for them to stop singing! The pianist can either keep playing and we jump in again on green, or piano can stop too and we begin singing again on green :) I have a circle of each color cut out and put on a thick popsicle stick. Easy & fun!