March 26, 2015

Site Word Scavenger Hunt

Anytime you can turn learning into a game, DO It!
I've heard of moms having their child spell a word out loud, then do 3 jumping jacks. Then another word, then 3 jumping jacks... anything to keep them moving and laughing and having fun. Plus it distracts them a little bit that they are actually learning! 

I saw this fun idea to do a site word scavenger hunt and tried with both my 6 and 8 year old, and they both enjoyed it. Write the words  on  post it notes and on a piece of paper, hide the post its around the room and send them off with a clip board! They must match the words they find to the words on the clip board. You could do this with rhyming words, or even parts of speech, or even math facts! The possibilities are endless!

With my kindergartner, I took the site words he has learned this year, and for my 2nd grader, I took the words he misspelled on his writing paper. Anything to reinforce what we are learning each day!

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