September 17, 2015

How to Channel your Inner Awesome

I've been spending the week at Yosemite National Park and it is absolutely gorgeous here! I have been in awe at the Lord's beautiful creations.

When I was young and I couldn't fall to sleep, my dad taught me to close my eyes, smile, picture myself at Lake Powell, breathe deep and count to 100. It worked like a charm, and over the years I have collected a variety of "happy places" to think about when I needed to relax or fall asleep.

Today I want to share with you 5 ways to find your inner awesome; feel peace, lower your stress, start your day off strong, have more confidence and be ready to conquer any challenge!

1. Create a great morning routine:
When I wake up and get moving before my kids wake up, and accomplish a few things before the day officially starts, I have a much better day! A few of my morning tasks are to say a prayer, read something uplifting, and be aware of my focus for the day.

Healthy living doesn't just affect our physical bodies, but our spirits, our emotions, our mind and our whole being. As a Beachbody team, we know that working on our inside is just as important as working our our outside. Reading something uplifting will help us be more confident, have positive thoughts, and have more desire to help others.  I love reading something uplifting in the morning. It helps me to kick off my day in a positive way and keep my mind clear. I'm prone to having anxiety when I can't put things into action so reading something that will help me improve my life always helps me feel more peace.

2. Visualize your Goals:
Another thing that is helpful is to write down positive affirmations and daily intentions. Positive affirmations are "I am" comments that help you recognize your worth and who you are or want to be. Daily Intentions are "I will" or "I can" statements that help you set the tone for the day so you can live the life you want to live. Here are some examples:

Positive Affirmations:

I am a good mom.
I am a strong leader.
I am a happy person.
I am a kind friend.

Daily Intentions:
I will help others without expecting anything in return
I will be productive and create a peaceful environment at home
I will be present in every moment- for my friends, for my children, for my spouse
I will treat my body with love and respect by eating healthy and staying active get the point. 
When you think it, you will believe it and you can achieve it! Sometimes putting your goals in writing is the push you need to work towards those accomplishments!

3. Recognize your Progress:
In our support group, I recommend taking measurements weekly and not stepping on the scale in between. This is because our weight can fluctuate so much day-to-day from water weight, bloating, sodium levels, and even if you need to go to the bathroom!  It's very important to remember, the scale only shares a portion of the progress you've made. Don't get discouraged by the scale! ! It's just a number and doesn't tell you how much fat you've lost, or how much muscle you've gained. The scale also doesn't tell you how hard you've worked or the positive lifestyle changes you've made!!
Instead, focus on the small victories that you can feel.

Non-scale victories:
Clothes fit better
Have more energy
Workouts and activity become easier
You feel more positive about yourself
Other people are noticing a difference
Rings fit better
You have less sugar cravings
You have lost inches
You feel happier!

These non-scale victories are so important to help you stay motivated and remember that what you are doing is making a difference. Pay attention to these victories and write them down so that you continue to remember your efforts are making a difference!

4. Stretch often:
In even short amount of time (10-15 minutes) stretching can calm the mind, give your body a break, and provide your muscles a chance to recharge. Stretching helps improve flexibility and can decrease your chance of injury if done before working out. Exercises like yoga & pilates help to strengthen and lengthen your muscles, improve posture and decrease soreness! This month's fitness program special is PiYO, a combination of Pilates & Yoga that will help you burn calories while you strentch & elongate your muscles as well as burn fat! HERE's a little more info about PiYO!

5. Find your Support!! 

Having a group of like-minded women for me to check in with each day makes all the difference for me! I'm more accountable to my goals, and I'm able to help other people in the process which is important to me too! If you don't have a support system or if you feel like you need something more to help you step up your game, join our support group! I will help you get started with a customized meal plan, help you track your progress, and help you get the support you need to  reach your goals. I LOVE my challenge group and the girls in our private group are so uplifting, motivational and supportive! IF you enjoy these newsletters, you will love our group! We have little mini challenges, like celebrating Flex Friday, we rejoice together in our victories and uplift each other through our struggles.

I hope you have found these 5 tips to be helpful! If you find yourself constantly quitting, this just might be what you're missing! I can help you get partnered up with someone who will help you push yourself harder, commit to your workouts, eat cleaner, and provide the accountability we all need to stay focused and reach your goals! You can request to join our FREE support group HERE!

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