October 23, 2014

Family Home Evening: Filling our Buckets with Kindness

Every Monday Night (or another night each week) we have a Family Night. We pray together, read a lesson, play a game and enjoy a treat.
This past week, we read this book "How Full is Your Bucket" and talked about how everything we do & say affects others, and that we are in control of our thoughts & attitudes. Then I gave the kids a challenge to do kind things for each other and when I witness something kind, I will let them pick a "warm fuzzy" to fill the family bucket. My kids are 7, 5 and 2, so really this just applies to my older boys, but even our little Lulu notices when her brothers are being extra nice! When we fill the bucket, we get to take a little family trip up to the mountains!! So far, a week later, we only have a few warm fuzzies, but the kids are definitely more mindful of what they do & say lately!

Tyler shared his lollipop with Jackson, when Jack's fell on the ground
Tyler, Jackson & Lulu made get well cards for their Aunt Kaylynn
Jackson did one of Tyler's chores without being asked. 

These small things help to fill the other person's {imaginary} bucket and when we fill others' buckets, we also fill our own! We also talked about Christ's example of love in the service He did for others while on Earth. It was a great little lesson. My kids don't have a very long attention span, so it was just perfect!

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