October 22, 2014

Follow in Christ's Footsteps- Primary Singing Time

Singing Time in Primary!
I have been the Music Leader in Primary (our church's Children's Organization) for over 3 years now, and I just love it! The funny thing is, I am NOT musical, and I have the WORST voice in the world (or at least I do without the Lord's help) I've realized though, that 1. the children don't care what my voice sounds like, AND 2. it's more about the message we are teaching than it is about the notes to the song. We are able to feel the Spirit as we sing about the truths of the gospel and that's the most important thing about helping these children build their testimonies!

The picture isn't great but I wanted to show you what I did this past week and it went so well! I love to keep things simple and really focus on gospel principles and especially our Savior. I had 5 pictures up on the board of Jesus Christ with a footprint next to each one with a song on the back. 
Nativity scene: He Sent His Son. 
Jesus baptism: When I am Baptized or The Baptism Song 
Christ with disciples: I will follow gods plan (talked about how disciple=followers of Christ). 
Christ on cross (I stand all amazed). 
Christ's resurrection: child picks a song that has strengthened their testimony of Jesus. We did I'm trying to be like Jesus.

For each song I picked a stick with the child's name on it (this is how we choose our helpers. I always say, I'm looking for a reverent helper- and that if they aren't being reverent when I pick their name I will put their name back in-- never had to do that, this works like a charm!!) That child gets to come up to the board to choose a pic and explain to the primary what was in the picture. WE have mostly junior kids in our combined primary and even the little ones could do it! Then we sang that song in a fun way. 

For He sent His Son, I used dynamics sticks (bunny-fast, music note-regular, lion-loud/strong, snail-slow, in that order.) I love doing this with this song because they really sing with feeling and it's fun! 
For the other songs we did Golden note, name that tune, and 4 corners for I stand all amazed (I used the idea from the manual with the GAB pics) we also did the echo chamber for a quick review of just the 1st verse, not chorus. 

Then I bore my testimony about Christ and that if we will follow his example & walk in his footsteps we will become more like Him and be able to live with him again some day  I hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any questions!

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