January 19, 2015

Primary Singing Time- UNO game

I'm in an awesome LDS Singing Time Facebook group and found this idea and download there. We had so much fun playing and singing, and will definitely do it again soon!
You can download and save the UNO board HERE. It prints perfectly 20X30, and costs $8 from Costco.
Then you just split your song into 4 parts, or choose 4 different songs to review. We were learning verse 2 of I Know that My Savior Loves Me.

Bring each color cards 1-3 and a few fun cards- skip, wild & reverse :)
If they get a blue 2, you sing the blue section 2 times. Red 3, you sing the red section 3 times :) If they get a 1, I sang UP to that part so if it's a red 1, we sang through the whole song one time. But you can do that or just that part- totally up to you :)

SKIP: sing the song, but skip the words: The, I, My, And. That was super fun & tricky! :)
WILD: roll the fun dice to see how you sing the whole song (we clapped to the beat)
REVERSE: sing verse 1!

Have fun! :)

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