January 19, 2015

I Know That My Savior Loves Me- verse 2

I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out how to present verse 2 of I Know That My Savior Loves Me. For verse 1, I did the whole When, Where, How, Why... format. You can see my whole lesson HERE. I do have a word document for the first & second verse created, but it just didn't feel right this time and I really wanted to use pictures instead of words since I had separate Jr./Sr. primaries now.
So this is what I came up with this for Junior Primary:
Now I am Here in a Beautiful Place
Last verse we talked about Jesus and how he visited the Nephites "a long time ago" NOW we are talking about US in verse 2. We are still here on Earth in a beautiful place. WHAT are we doing here? Learning the teachings of Jesus. 
Sing together a couple times.

Did Heavenly Father send us to Earth and say, "good luck, see ya later?" Or did he send us with people that loves us?
RIGHT! He sent us to Earth with Parents & Teachers who would help guide us.
Parents and Teachers will help guide the way,
Lighting our path ev'ry day.
See this path? It's not dark. We are not alone. It is lit up, we know where to go.
-Sing a couple times, and then sing from beginning. Repetition is KEY!

Now, we talked about this in verse 1- WHY did Jesus bring the children around him? WHY did he talk to them, bless them, pray for them? 
Because He loved them. And he loves us now. We weren't there back then, but we can still feel His love for us NOW as we feel the Spirit.
Wrapped in the arm of my Saviors love
I feel His gentle touch.
Show the picture. See how His arm is around the boy? You can tell he loves him. He loves us too!
Sing together a couple times and then sing from the beginning.

Alright, now the next line is our part- our job while we are here on Earth. Listen carefully:
Living each day I will follow His way,
Show CTR sign- What does this mean? 
what are some things we can do everyday to follow His way and choose the right?
pray. read scriptures. go to church. be kind to siblings. help in family.

home to my Father above.
Where is our home? Where do you live?
at my house, in a hotel, at my grandma's. (a few answers)
Yes, that's right, that is our home NOW. But do you know where our REAL home is?
Heaven!! Our actions everyday will help us to feel our Savior's love and to make it back to Heaven. That's the whole reason we're here!

Sing a few times and then from the beginning. This all took about 20 minutes, so it was perfect timing. If you have more time, you can continue and sing the Chorus with the special ending a few times too. We will do that next week.
Next week I will be reviewing with the UNO game!!

For Senior Primary:
I gave them a piece of paper and had them draw pictures for each of those 4 parts.
As they drew, we sang. It worked out really for our small group- we only had 6 kids, so we talked as they drew and colored their pictures. 

Then we played the UNO game for the last 5 minutes. We could've played even longer, it was fun!
UNO Game lesson HERE!

Here are the print outs I used for this lesson:

images from Susan Fitch Designs


Bec said...

This is great! Thanks for sharing - it really helps so many people

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I have been struggling with how to do the second verse...definitely can't do the same thin for Jr that I did for senior. This is wonderful. Thank you for sharing it!