January 30, 2008

Being a stay-at-home mom is wonderful! I have two young boys who have become my main inspiration. Although it keeps me busy, I have always needed a creative outlet to keep me occupied. I've always loved creating things and my degree in Art Education has given me a love of color and design. After college, I took up sewing again and fell in love with my sewing machine all over again. Once I started having children, I decided I wanted to create products that are useful and affordable for other moms.

I began by creating a product that I was searching for myself. I was tired of finding crumpled up diapers in the bottom of my diaper bag but couldn't find a diaper clutch that I felt was reasonably priced. I went to the drawing board and created the Diaperdoo Clutch. I shared them with friends and realized it was a hit! I decided then that I could essentially create a business by doing what I love and sharing my creations with the world... Welcome to Handmade Gifts by Kirstikoo!

My philosophy is to provide quality products that are affordable for other moms. I don't charge much for my time because I love the creative process. I hope to share a part of me as I create each handmade item and I want to be able to share my gifts with anyone who wants to enjoy them!