about me

I am:
Kirsti Clark
Wife of 10 years
Mommy to 3 little cuties
Art Education Major
Singing Time Leader
Health & Fitness Coach
Founder of Super FiT Nation
Author of Living the Super Life!

Watch us as we get through crazy days, eat clean, live healthy, teach our children the Gospel, 
make projects, reach our goals & live a Super Life!!


About 3 years ago, my husband was at his all-time heaviest weight of 300 pounds! Neither of us knew how he got to that point, we just knew we needed to do something. He *tried* multiple times to get to the gym, go jogging, but his post-football player body had multiple injuries and too many failed attempts left him feeling quite defeated.

Fast forward a few months and after a very stressful business/partnership gone wrong, we ended up moving back to Southern California where I grew up! My dad was in serious need of some help at our family-owned market and Jeff was ready for a career change. About that time, my Dad ended up ordering P90x through an infomercial, was sent a week's supply of Shakeology, and completely fell in love. He was enjoying this new fitness stuff so much that he invited my husband to join with him, and they instantly became accountability partners, as my Dad coached Jeff to better health. He now has lost a total of 85 lbs, and is happier than I've ever seen him!

At this point, I watched my husband go from an unhappy, lazy, unproductive, discouraged person into a happier, healthier, more active & helpful Dad. I realized that we had all the tools necessary to help others have a physical transformation like this as well, how could I NOT share this with others?? So I became a Beachbody coach so I could give to others what I received as well. I know that as we become healthier physically, that changes our whole being- mentally, spiritually, emotionally. I realized that I have a passion for helping other people and am so blessed to be able to do what I love doing every day!

You can watch our family's transformation story here: