March 26, 2013

Martha Stewart Bunny Bags!

Last year my Grandma made the boys these darling Bunny baskets for Easter. She used felt and puffy paint for the face, but I love embroidery, so I decided to embroider the face with some button eyes!

Here's the Martha Stewart pattern and directions. And here's some of my advice:
Poke holes in the face template to mark dots where you will embroider the face using a disappearing ink. To do the nose, start with a triangle, then fill it in using back and forth stitches.
Try to make the smile as symmetrical as possible:
And CA-UTE face for the bunny:
When attaching the bottom circle, I honestly didn't think it would fit. But pin it really well and it actually will line up correctly. I sewed it inside out so the seam would be on the inside because I like the finished look of that better. Start and stop at the back seam just in case there is any puckering.
...and fill with some cute items from the Easter Bunny!

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September 21, 2012

Reversible Trick or Treat Bags

I made these SUPER simple and very cute Reversible Trick or Treat Bags in about an hour. This pattern works great for ANY sized bag, I made some of this size for my kids for church quiet activities, and a larger binder size for my notebook. They're super easy and extra cute!

Materials Needed:
4 quarter yard cuts (will make 3 bags total if you switch fabrics up)
7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon (or cotton webbing for thicker straps)-- (2) 20 inch pieces
{optional} cute button, tulle, thick thread, pin
Step 1:
Decide which fabric you want for the main and which for the top strip
Cut 4 pieces of the main fabric 9X10 inches (2 pieces of each fabric- 2 candies, 2 skeletons)
Cut 4 pieces of the top strip 9X3 inches (2 pieces of each fabric- 2 diamonds, 2 purple cats)
Cut 2 pieces of the ribbon or webbing 20 inches long
Step 2: With right sides together, pin & sew top piece to main piece. I always use presser foot edge (about 1/4 inch) seam allowance unless otherwise noted. Repeat so you have 4 pieces of fabric.
Step 3: Place right sides together of each matching piece (candies on candies, skeletons on skeletons.) and sew up all 3 sides-- leaving the top side open. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.
Step 4: With side seam facing you, put your hand inside and poke out the corner. Then flatten it with the seam going down the middle-
using your grid or ruler, measure 1 inch from the corner where the seams meet (not corner of fabric) draw a line straight across and sew along that edge (backstitch at beginning and end).
Then clip off the corners. Mitering the corners like this makes the bag have a base so it will stand up. Especially once you fill it with candies :)
Step 5: With one bag inside out and the other right side out, place the right side out bag inside the other:
Step 6: Measure 2 inches from each edge and tape (yes, I said tape) the ribbon pieces to the right side out bag-- the tape will hold it still below where you sew and you can just remove the tape later. I've found using tape-- masking, painters, clear tape... is easier to work with than using pins.
Step 7: Tuck the straps inside, line up the top edges and pin. Remove the plate from your machine and stitch around the top using a larger seam allowance (5/8th is good) and leaving a gap in between two straps.
Pull the inside bag out and turn it so both pieces are right side out:
Step 8: Push the inner bag inside the other and top stitch using 1/4 inch allowance (don't sew down straps)
And you are done!!
Fully reversible and ready to be stuffed to the brim with TREATS :)
Wanna add a little extra bling? Even boys will love this embellished pin that you can take off and switch over when you reverse the bag...
Joanns has some fun halloween buttons- jackolanterns, monsters, pumpkins, ghosts... Sew one onto a brooch-back pin with some ribbon or tulle for a girlie look.
Or sew the button onto a circle of felt for a pin that boys will love!

September 20, 2012

Flash Back Project- Felt Halloween Banner

Here is a project I created last year that I'm so excited to pull out of my Fall/Halloween boxes soon!!
I made this in less than an hour and spent less than $2!! If you can cut and sew in a straight line, you can make this banner!!
I've created a sheet of templates for you to use (make sure you print it off as an 8 1/2 X11 sheet and the sizes will be perfect.
You'll need a 9X12 sheet of felt in orange, white and black, (34 cents each!) and some ribbon scraps & cute buttons. (I got these pumpkin ones from JoAnns, but even plain buttons would look great.)
Cut out the shapes (I got 6 per felt sheet) and chain stitch them together:
so you have a continuous line of shapes!
Then sew on the button and ribbon loop so you can hang it up next to your favorite Halloween decorations!

Coming up tomorrow: Reversible Trick or Treat Bag Tutorial!

September 18, 2012

We're BACK!

I made a funny Mommy Meme for those of you who can relate :)

See how tired I am? But I have a hard time resisting my urge to create, so in my spare time, I've been updating the shop listings and we have reopened just in time to take your Halloween orders!

We can make a SUPER costume for the whole family and LOVE to do custom orders, so let us know how we can help you!