November 17, 2014

WHY I am choosing to homeschool my son:

So I'm not sure if anyone reads my non-craft related posts, and I don't want to get too personal here BUT I have so many thoughts and just have to sit and type them out, whether someone is listening or not!!

Tyler is my 7 year old. He is in second grade and I will be pulling him out of his class to homeschool him starting next week. I've never thought I would make this choice but I've had enough of what is going on at school. Tyler is super creative. He has tons of energy and loves learning. He thrives when given a creative task and special responsibility, loves easily and is kind to everyone. Even the bully that punched him every day for 2 weeks last year until he got kicked out of school. Even the teacher that is overstepping her authoritative boundaries and making school a miserable place for my son.

So here are some of the incidences we've dealt with:
Note sent home after the first week of school: "Tyler has trouble focusing, paying attention and is bothersome to children around him"
Makes noises disrupting classmates, taps pencil even in one on one instruction.

FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL: Loss of recess for not being in his spot in line #19, girl in front of him (#18) and girl behind him (#20) were in the bathroom.

After the first week of school I asked for a meeting with her to see what was going on and we discussed some ideas to help him with a reward system and daily post it's with a :), :l or :( depending on how the day went. Here are the notes on our sad face days, and then my son's account of what really happened:

:( Daily report: "Incomplete Classwork"
because he & another child were talking in class, Tyler got removed from his desk, had to sit on the ground and couldn't finish work. Other student (in the advanced academic group) had no punishment

:( Daily report: "Tattling"
2 boys were splashing water in the bathroom and playing under the stalls. Obviously she was too annoyed to hear what happened.

:( Daily report: "Hitting"
another boy hit Tyler, he hit back. That boy hit him again. WHEN they were benched from recess because the other boy kicked him the day before, and he kicked back.

We discussed a reward system that she would help with in class, yet he hasn't "earned" anything. He got a "caught being good" award outside of her class for picking up trash, and she never gave it to him. Instead, she is choosing "4 star listeners" and "advanced academic students" to earn those rewards. Because obviously they deserve it more.

This teacher has suggested in one of our conferences that we should probably have him checked out "medically" to see if there is some learning disability going on... let's just rule it out. She worded this so nicely, I'm sure she's trained to do so. BUT at the same time, this sends my brain whirling in a million different direction. Does my child have ADD, ADHD? He DOES have a lot of energy. He DOES get distracted easily. He DOES have trouble holding still for long periods of time... but then again, he's a 7 year old boy. And I forgot to shave one leg last night in the shower... so I must have ADD too.

So how much of this is a personality clash between a super uptight, my-way-or-the-highway, highly un-flexible teacher, and a creative, energetic, spirited, outside-of-the-box thinker?? Or is there a serious issue going on? He is behind on reading, yet all this focus is on his "behavior" is taking away from the effort we should be putting into his education. And then after she tells me how behind he is in reading, she tells me that she isn't as worried for him academically, as she is "emotionally, and socially" and then the following words were, well I'm late for our next conference, so thanks for coming in!

After MANY weeks of replaying our discussions, working in the classroom to get a feel of the environment and dynamics, lots of tears, prayers and worries, I've decided enough is enough.

I'm not willing to let my son's crucial years where he decides if he likes school or not, where he tries to see if he fits in with the good kids or the bad kids determine his outcome in life. Maybe I'm over-thinking it, but I actually don't think so. Maybe I'm way over my head here to decided to homeschool him with a 5 year old and a 2 year old and a coaching business. But I can't deny the miraculous ways that the Lord has answered my prayers and my pleadings to protect my son.

I have experienced so many answers and revelations that I could create a whole new post about the ways the Lord answered my prayers, and some of them are so intimate and special I should just keep them in my private journal, but He was kind enough to answer me in many different ways- through the kindness of friends and strangers, through mere coincidences that put me in the right place at the right time to hear just what I needed to hear, through the scripture stories, through commercials on the radio, through my own thoughts and urges. And when I question my decision again (for the 24th time because that's how I am), I have a peaceful feeling to take the next step. Even though I am pretty much walking off a cliff blindly, I KNOW He will lay down a stone for me to step on. I know He will be present in our daily lessons. I know He will continue to answer my prayers as we make some serious decisions about if we should test him or not. I know He will lead me and guide me and walk beside me as we follow in Faith.

November 8, 2014

Pass the Pumpkin, Sing in Round: Primary Singing Time

If you missed our Thankful Turkey lesson, you can find it HERE!
Here's another fun lesson for November!!

Pass the Pumpkin:
We sing I am Glad for Many Things (151), it really only takes a minute to learn, it's so easy! I have 
"I am Glad for" written on the board before they come in.
We sing it a few times and pass a baby pumpkin as we sing. When the song ends, whoever it lands on will say one thing they are thankful for. Write it on the board! Once you have done this 3 times in a row, you will have 3 things to substitute in the song for "many things"
One example is:
I am Glad for
Lego Toys,
Food to Eat,
and My Mom
I am Glad for many things
That are mine today!

Then depending on how much time you have, do it again!!
The second verse is great because we talk about saying Thank You (which is what Thanksgiving is all about!) You could pass the pumpkin again and have them name one way they can "say" thank you. Like, help my mom, say my prayers, write a letter...

Sing in Round:
We learn For Health and Strength (21) line by line.
I use these pictures to help me teach the words as well as the word strips so they know what the 4 parts are for the round! 
1. We talk about our healthy bodies, and all the things we can do with them. Have them jump, turn around, wave their arms, stomp their feet.
2. We talk about how we have food to eat each day, and not everyone around the world has that blessing.
3. We talk about what "praise" means and how we can thank the Lord through prayer
4. We talk about how the "Lord" could mean God or Jesus but we can thank them both for the blessings we have!
This is super fun and the kids love singing all together. I split up the room into 4 parts (you could have them go in four corners if you want!) Then rotate the pictures so they each get to do each part! I think we sang 3 times in a row, then of course the last group will do a little solo once the other groups end :)

Have FUN!!

Thankful Turkeys- November Singing Time

 I love this time of year, when the Primary program is over and we get to start doing holiday stuff!!
So last week, I printed up a piece of paper for all the kids to fill out. It said:
I am thankful for:
My favorite primary song is:

Then I incorporated these songs in my lesson! I made a list of the things they were thankful for and was able to incorporate ALL the things they listed in this lesson. Then I tried to use most of the songs they chose as well, but you could always just save that for another day. It was cute because some kids answered with: Lego toys, bunk beds, kitty cat, food. So I clumped the others* into "Many Things" and other kids did temples, Christ, church, scriptures... topics that are easy to pick a song with. It was fun to read through them.

So basically, I cut out these pieces to make the turkey and feathers, and laminated each piece separately. Then I put some painters tape on the back to label the feathers so I can switch it up each year.
Last year I used their own words for what they were thankful for, but this year in a time crunch, I just made up my own. Here are some topics & songs you could sing:

Family: The Family is of God or Families Can Be Together Forever 188
Scriptures: Book of Mormon Stories 88, Scripture Power
Jesus: I'm Trying to be like Jesus 78, He Sent His Son 34
Temples: I love to see the Temple 95
Heavenly Father/Earth/World/Animals: I am a Child of God 2, My Heavenly Father Loves Me 228, Popcorn Popping 242, Birds in the Tree 241
Healthy Bodies: Head Shoulders, Knees & Toes 275, Hinges 277
Primary: Here we are Together, I Belong to the Church of Jesus Christ 77
Prophets: Follow the Prophet 110
Other*: I am Glad for Many Things 151
This song is SO easy and SO fun- if you don't do it already, I'd strongly suggest it!! You can list these "many things" on the board, like "food to eat, lego toys, and my bed" and sing that instead of "many things, many things, many things." It's a fun way to continue singing and could take up as much or as little time as you have!
With the second verse, we talk about how important it is to say Thank You and that's what Thanksgiving is all about!!

Hope you enjoy doing this lesson!! Here are a few more Thanksgiving Lessons I've done in November:
Pass the Pumpkin, Sing in Round

November 5, 2014

Pennies for Pounds- investing in your health (FREE Support Group!)

I'm trying something **totally different** but super excited about it!!
I hear a lot of people say their budget is what holds them back from focusing on their health, especially this time of year. I talk to a lot of moms who give everything to their kids and have little left for themselves.
What if you are able to receive the support, tips & resources you need to become healthier for FREE, and in a way investing "pennies" into your health "fund"

Here's how it works:
In our private *Pennies for Pounds* support group, you do whatever workout you want to do. Dust off those DVD's and commit to a workout a day. If you don't have a routine to follow, I will provide a plan for you with no equipment needed. 
I will also provide a clean eating meal plan for you to follow so you have the whole {fitness + exercise + support} part of the equation covered!

--You miss your workout? Throw some change in the jar
--Have a cheat meal? Empty your pockets
--{We weigh in once a week.} Loose a pound? Add a dollar to the jar. 
Because we are not "punishing" ourselves, 
we are also rewarding ourselves for our success too!

At the end of the challenge, you get to use the money in your jar to invest in something for your health! It could be a new pair of shoes, a yoga mat, the fitness program you've always wanted, new exercise outfit or Shakeology... anything health/fitness related!

What do you think?? Who's in? Comment here or message me if you want to be a part of this!!

November 2, 2014

Follow the Prophet Singing Time- NOAH

Today I taught the Noah verse of Follow The Prophet (Children's Songbook #110)
We had so much fun & I really enjoyed getting this lesson ready and teaching it to the kids! The ideas came to me late on Saturday night, after a super busy week- and after a beautiful rainstorm!
I found this awesome arc print-out HERE, and my kids enjoyed cutting out the pieces and building the arc this morning!

Each raindrop has a question written on the back and we either sing to find the answer or for the BONUS questions, take a guess or ask a teacher! (For senior primary, you could even give them a verse to read the scriptures to find the answer!!) As we would pull off each raindrop to read the question, I would put it under the arc to form the "flood".

So to start out, I told them we would sing "Echo Chamber" style, meaning that I would sing a line and they pretend they're in a cave and get to be my echo! When I first started out as chorister, I was terrified of singing by myself (like super-highly anxious, stomach ache kinda nervous!!) But I watched THIS video one day and it really made me realize it doesn't matter how I sing, but that I do so with the spirit, and of course I always ask for help & have found the Lord has blessed my voice to be stronger and I'm much more confident now!

So, I sang the first line
"Adam was a prophet, called to preach the word" 
and they repeated it.
Then I picked a "reverent helper" from the stick system we use to answer the question. (We have a cup of large popsicle sticks with their name on each one. I draw a stick when I need a helper, and if they are being reverent--they get to help!)
-Question #1: Who was Noah? A prophet of God (see, we are going very simple here)
Re-sing the line if they don't know the answer and they will catch on quickly that the answers can be found in the song!!
-BONUS #1: How old was Noah when he built the arc? 600 years old! I had a 9 year old boy *guess* this answer!!
-Question #2: What was Noah called to preach to the people? The “word” of God/gospel.

Then we sang line 1& 2 together, they echo line 2:
"Tried to cry repentance, but nobody heard"
-Question #3: What does repentance mean? To say sorry & stop doing the bad things.
-Question #4: Who listened to Noah? “nobody” (except his family!) His family had faith that Noah was following God, and they went with him in the arc and were protected!
-BONUS #2: How many sons did Noah have? and What were their names? 3 sons- Shem, Ham, Japheth (the child who was picked had a Grandma who was a primary teacher in the room, so she asked her for help!)

We then sang lines 1-3, they echo line 3:
-Question #5: What were the people of Noah’s time doing? "Sinning"- very wicked & violent. Remeber to RE-sing that line if they need help answering the question! The more we repeat, the better!!
-Question #6: What did the Lord tell Noah He was going to do? Going to destroy every living thing on the face of the earth because the people were evil & would not listen. Rain for 40 days & 40 nights. Noah needed to build an arc to keep his family & 2 of every animal safe! (This was a very vague question so I took any answer- a sunbeam gave a great answer!) Pretty much just explain the rest of the story of Noah that hasn't been discussed yet :)

Then we sang the WHOLE song together & the chorus!! The kids already knew the chorus because of learning it this year for the program, but they only knew the first verse about Adam. So we stood & sang together & marched during the chorus. They love doing this!

We had a little extra time so I asked if they wanted to do a couple more BONUS questions and they all said yes!! 
-BONUS #3: How old was Noah when he died? 950! (I reminded them that he built the arc at 600 years old, the child guessed 1,000- so close!!)
-BONUS #4: What does the Rainbow Represent? The promise/covenant the Lord made with man to not flood the earth again. I also reminded them that we sing about rainbows in When I am Baptized because rainbows help us remember that we can start fresh & clean by repenting anytime we need to!

We then sang Rain is Falling All Around (CS 241) with actions-- to get their wiggles out before Sharing Time, and we sang it faster and faster with the pianist. It was super fun!

Anyways, it was a huge success, and I had a blast, the kids loved it and I will be teaching more verses throughout the next few months. I was so happy to read that Follow The Prophet will be a song in the 2015 program too!! I loved the line by line teaching and the questions added a fun twist. Let me know if you find this helpful!!

October 27, 2014

Fall into FOCUS- Fitness Accountability Group Sign Ups!

I'm excited to announce our next Fitness Challenge!! Who's ready to lose 5-10 pounds before Thanksgiving--the fun & healthy way!
We will combine Fitness & Nutrition along with tons of accountability & support to reach your goals! Our Clean Eating plan teaches about portion control and how to eat a balanced diet, and you will receive a 21 day meal plan that will take all the guesswork out of WHAT to eat! 
The workout program is 30 minutes a day (because we are all so busy!) with lots of variety, and a fool-proof schedule that you can follow along at any level- there's even a modifier that shows how to do the moves lower impact if you need to modify in the beginning! 
Our private accountability group is full of motivated women to help keep us on track!! We have a fun point system & prizes that makes getting fit so much more fun!
I don't like to admit this but I frequently fall into an idle, excuses, borderline depression mode when I am not on track fitness-wise. For me, working out & eating healthy helps me find a BALANCE and FOCUS on the most important things in life. I find that I am more open to revelation and creativity when I'm actively using my body. So I admit...
I've been a little off-track lately, and I'm not going to let my default mode find me victim to my sweet tooth & all these Halloween temptations this Fall! I LOVE setting goals for myself and having a balance in my days. I also love to help others get a plan and find so much joy in helping them reach their goals! Let's FOCUS on finding the BEST of ourselves!
I'm starting another 21 day round next week, so we will begin on November 5th and end November 26-- RIGHT before THANKSGIVING!! Can you believe it's a month away?? I just need a few friends to hold me accountable and I will do the same for you!! I also have an awesome CASH back offer for the first 3 people who are ready & committed to make the next 21 days AMAZING!
You can sign up HERE for our group, and I will message you FIRST so we can talk about your goals and make sure this program is a good fit for you! 

October 23, 2014

Family Home Evening: Filling our Buckets with Kindness

Every Monday Night (or another night each week) we have a Family Night. We pray together, read a lesson, play a game and enjoy a treat.
This past week, we read this book "How Full is Your Bucket" and talked about how everything we do & say affects others, and that we are in control of our thoughts & attitudes. Then I gave the kids a challenge to do kind things for each other and when I witness something kind, I will let them pick a "warm fuzzy" to fill the family bucket. My kids are 7, 5 and 2, so really this just applies to my older boys, but even our little Lulu notices when her brothers are being extra nice! When we fill the bucket, we get to take a little family trip up to the mountains!! So far, a week later, we only have a few warm fuzzies, but the kids are definitely more mindful of what they do & say lately!

Tyler shared his lollipop with Jackson, when Jack's fell on the ground
Tyler, Jackson & Lulu made get well cards for their Aunt Kaylynn
Jackson did one of Tyler's chores without being asked. 

These small things help to fill the other person's {imaginary} bucket and when we fill others' buckets, we also fill our own! We also talked about Christ's example of love in the service He did for others while on Earth. It was a great little lesson. My kids don't have a very long attention span, so it was just perfect!

Shakeology- Healthiest Meal of the Day

I can't even tell you how much I LOVE these Shakes!
These super nutritious meal replacement shakes are NOT your normal protein drink. They actually contain 9 servings of fruit & vegetables and superfoods from all over the world to help your body function at its best.
Here's a video that talks about these superfood ingredients and how they help your body:

I have always suffered from low energy & fatigue, ever since I had a blood transfusion with my second baby. He was an emergency C-section and so many things went wrong with his labor & delivery. Luckily everything turned out fine and he was born perfectly perfect, BUT I was left with a few scars and bruises that I just like to call my battle wounds! One of those results was that I could hardly get through the day, I had such little energy. Along with little sleep, the stress of being a mommy, and all the work it takes to run a house & keep it a home, I was definitely looking for something to help me feel like myself again!
I found Shakeology, and along with a healthy diet & exercise I am 25 lbs lighter and 100% happier, and I feel so much better inside & out! Now I share with others because I know what a gift it is! Sometimes I am running around so much, the only thing I have time for is to grab a shake & go, and luckily I can rest easy that I am getting all the nutrients I need in just one meal. If you would like to try Shakeology for 7 days so you can taste the different flavors & really see how your body feels, apply HERE, or just purchase using the button below and let me know what flavors you'd like in notes to seller! 
You'll receive your choice of 7 flavors
-VEGAN chocolate
-VEGAN tropical strawberry
30 Days of Recipes showing HOW to make your shake taste amazing
A full menu plan and how to join our free online support & accountability group!

21 Day Fitness & Nutrition Challenge!

I don't know about you, but it takes me a long time to create a habit, and truly KEEP it. My day is jam-packed with good things- taking the kids to school, tidying up the house, preschool projects with my 2 year old, blogging, posting, picking up the kids, homework time, free-play while I prep dinner, make dinner, recover from dinner, baths/showers, reading time, bedtime and do it all again tomorrow!! I mean, that's a lot of things that I do for OTHERS, but I haven't had much ME time. I used to think that taking time for myself was selfish. Now I know that when I take the time for myself, I have MORE to give to others.

Do you feel like you are just giving, giving, and don't take time for yourself? That is so normal, especially for us moms who's sole purpose is to keep the kids happy and alive at the end of the day (only a little bit kidding here!)
I want to invite you to take the 21 day CHALLENGE to a better, stronger, happier YOU. In this challenge, we will incorporate both fitness & nutrition to help you feel better, have more energy and reach those health goals you've been putting off due to the craziness of mommyhood.. it's time!
So here are the details: 30 minutes a day of working out at home (because we are all busy!), portion control guidance with these color coded containers, and an ultra-nutritious shake full of dense superfoods that will help you lose weight, leave you with more energy, improve digestion and control junk-food cravings. It's a combination for success. Not only will you have all the resources you need to be successful but will be added to our amazing support group for tons of support & motivation to reach your goals!

{This specific 21 day group is JUST for women. But if you are a guy, my husband also runs fitness support groups for men only, so just let me know and I will connect you to him!}
To enroll in our 21 day Challenge, Go HERE or comment with your email for more details! {Submit your email in the online form for a free DVD and so I can chat with you about your goals to see if this program would be a good fit for you!}

October 22, 2014

Sneak Peek- 21 Day Fix Meal Plan!

One of my VERY favorite fitness programs is 21 Day Fix! I love it because the workouts are only 30 minutes long & there's tons of variety in the exercises- from lower body, upper body, cardio, cardio with weights, total body, yoga, pilates & plyo. The other thing I LOVE about this program is the nutrition plan. Instead of counting calories, you get these color coded containers that teach all about portion control & how to eat a balanced diet. I learned so much from following this plan. I was shocked that I was NEVER hungry! But I also never had that full feeling when you walk away from the table and wish you had a few less bites.
Here's a little sneak peek at how the meal plan works.... each color container represents a different food group. Purple= Fruit (Grapes) Red= Protein (Turkey Burger Patty) Yellow= Grain (Bun- MultiGrain sandwich thins). 

The size of the box teaches you how MUCH food to eat. Then depending on your weight & goals you'll get so many of each container per day.

This program teaches not only WHAT foods to eat to fuel your body but HOW much of it, because even good foods can be over eaten. In my experience though, what I LOVE about this program is that I have to make a conscious effort to eat enough. We do 6 meals a day which helps you to constantly have enough nutrients & energy to get everything done you need to & feel great doing it.

Click HERE for more information about this awesome program {Enter your email for a free DVD, and so I can contact you regarding your goals!} Not only will I help you find a program that will help you reach your goals, I will walk you through the workouts, give you a full nutrition plan to follow for 21 days, and put you in a private support group through facebook so you can be surrounded by other supportive, uplifting people who are all working on a healthier lifestyle!

Follow in Christ's Footsteps- Primary Singing Time

Singing Time in Primary!
I have been the Music Leader in Primary (our church's Children's Organization) for over 3 years now, and I just love it! The funny thing is, I am NOT musical, and I have the WORST voice in the world (or at least I do without the Lord's help) I've realized though, that 1. the children don't care what my voice sounds like, AND 2. it's more about the message we are teaching than it is about the notes to the song. We are able to feel the Spirit as we sing about the truths of the gospel and that's the most important thing about helping these children build their testimonies!

The picture isn't great but I wanted to show you what I did this past week and it went so well! I love to keep things simple and really focus on gospel principles and especially our Savior. I had 5 pictures up on the board of Jesus Christ with a footprint next to each one with a song on the back. 
Nativity scene: He Sent His Son. 
Jesus baptism: When I am Baptized or The Baptism Song 
Christ with disciples: I will follow gods plan (talked about how disciple=followers of Christ). 
Christ on cross (I stand all amazed). 
Christ's resurrection: child picks a song that has strengthened their testimony of Jesus. We did I'm trying to be like Jesus.

For each song I picked a stick with the child's name on it (this is how we choose our helpers. I always say, I'm looking for a reverent helper- and that if they aren't being reverent when I pick their name I will put their name back in-- never had to do that, this works like a charm!!) That child gets to come up to the board to choose a pic and explain to the primary what was in the picture. WE have mostly junior kids in our combined primary and even the little ones could do it! Then we sang that song in a fun way. 

For He sent His Son, I used dynamics sticks (bunny-fast, music note-regular, lion-loud/strong, snail-slow, in that order.) I love doing this with this song because they really sing with feeling and it's fun! 
For the other songs we did Golden note, name that tune, and 4 corners for I stand all amazed (I used the idea from the manual with the GAB pics) we also did the echo chamber for a quick review of just the 1st verse, not chorus. 

Then I bore my testimony about Christ and that if we will follow his example & walk in his footsteps we will become more like Him and be able to live with him again some day  I hope this makes sense, let me know if you have any questions!

TurboFire Chili

The nights are getting cooler and I LOVE a good chili in the Fall! This recipe is from one of my favorite workout programs, TurboFire and it's made with Ground Turkey instead of Beef. I have a super sensitive stomach and the healthier I eat, the more sensitive I am to ground beef & dairy. So this recipe is perfect! It's also packed with beans & tomatoes and tons of nutrients :) Plus my kiddos love it with tortilla chips broken & sprinkled on top like taco soup!

1 lb. lean ground turkey
½ cup diced tomatoes
8 oz. whole kernel corn, canned
½ onion, diced
2 cloves garlic
8 oz. black beans, canned
8 oz. pinto, chili, or kidney beans canned
1 tbsp tomato paste
1 package Lawry’s chili seasoning
4 oz. low-fat shredded cheddar cheese (optional)

Directions: Brown turkey. Drain and discard any fat. Place all ingredients except cheese into a slow cooker. Cook for 4 hours on low or 2 hours on high. Top with 1 oz cheese if desired.

Easy peasy, and totally delicious!!

March 26, 2013

Martha Stewart Bunny Bags!

Last year my Grandma made the boys these darling Bunny baskets for Easter. She used felt and puffy paint for the face, but I love embroidery, so I decided to embroider the face with some button eyes!

Here's the Martha Stewart pattern and directions. And here's some of my advice:
Poke holes in the face template to mark dots where you will embroider the face using a disappearing ink. To do the nose, start with a triangle, then fill it in using back and forth stitches.
Try to make the smile as symmetrical as possible:
And CA-UTE face for the bunny:
When attaching the bottom circle, I honestly didn't think it would fit. But pin it really well and it actually will line up correctly. I sewed it inside out so the seam would be on the inside because I like the finished look of that better. Start and stop at the back seam just in case there is any puckering.
...and fill with some cute items from the Easter Bunny!

Click HERE for our our EASTER archive of ideas and highlights from the past years!

Linking up here: The Girl Creative

September 21, 2012

Reversible Trick or Treat Bags

I made these SUPER simple and very cute Reversible Trick or Treat Bags in about an hour. This pattern works great for ANY sized bag, I made some of this size for my kids for church quiet activities, and a larger binder size for my notebook. They're super easy and extra cute!

Materials Needed:
4 quarter yard cuts (will make 3 bags total if you switch fabrics up)
7/8 inch grosgrain ribbon (or cotton webbing for thicker straps)-- (2) 20 inch pieces
{optional} cute button, tulle, thick thread, pin
Step 1:
Decide which fabric you want for the main and which for the top strip
Cut 4 pieces of the main fabric 9X10 inches (2 pieces of each fabric- 2 candies, 2 skeletons)
Cut 4 pieces of the top strip 9X3 inches (2 pieces of each fabric- 2 diamonds, 2 purple cats)
Cut 2 pieces of the ribbon or webbing 20 inches long
Step 2: With right sides together, pin & sew top piece to main piece. I always use presser foot edge (about 1/4 inch) seam allowance unless otherwise noted. Repeat so you have 4 pieces of fabric.
Step 3: Place right sides together of each matching piece (candies on candies, skeletons on skeletons.) and sew up all 3 sides-- leaving the top side open. Make sure to backstitch at the beginning and end.
Step 4: With side seam facing you, put your hand inside and poke out the corner. Then flatten it with the seam going down the middle-
using your grid or ruler, measure 1 inch from the corner where the seams meet (not corner of fabric) draw a line straight across and sew along that edge (backstitch at beginning and end).
Then clip off the corners. Mitering the corners like this makes the bag have a base so it will stand up. Especially once you fill it with candies :)
Step 5: With one bag inside out and the other right side out, place the right side out bag inside the other:
Step 6: Measure 2 inches from each edge and tape (yes, I said tape) the ribbon pieces to the right side out bag-- the tape will hold it still below where you sew and you can just remove the tape later. I've found using tape-- masking, painters, clear tape... is easier to work with than using pins.
Step 7: Tuck the straps inside, line up the top edges and pin. Remove the plate from your machine and stitch around the top using a larger seam allowance (5/8th is good) and leaving a gap in between two straps.
Pull the inside bag out and turn it so both pieces are right side out:
Step 8: Push the inner bag inside the other and top stitch using 1/4 inch allowance (don't sew down straps)
And you are done!!
Fully reversible and ready to be stuffed to the brim with TREATS :)
Wanna add a little extra bling? Even boys will love this embellished pin that you can take off and switch over when you reverse the bag...
Joanns has some fun halloween buttons- jackolanterns, monsters, pumpkins, ghosts... Sew one onto a brooch-back pin with some ribbon or tulle for a girlie look.
Or sew the button onto a circle of felt for a pin that boys will love!