February 15, 2008

This is no ordinary tutu. Kirstikoo Tutoos are created with tulling tied to elastic resulting in a lush colorful skirt your ballerina will love to dance around in all day long. Inspired by princesses, each color set will make her feel like a princess.

Aurora: Bright pink, rose, light pink & cream
(above right)
Tinkerbell: Bright pink, rose, lime green & white
(above left)
Ariel: Dark purple, light purple, lime green & white
Snow White: Whites with rhinestones
Cinderella: Blue, light blue & white
Belle: Blue, yellow & cream

Of course, you can always get a custom tutoo created with your color scheme in mind.


momo3 said...

i love these cute tutus! it's fun seeing lily on your blog . . . i am a friend of melonie. i don't have a blog to add you as a link, but i'll pass your blog address around to my friends! your stuff is so great! thanks, kristen


robin_titan said...

awww those are just too adorable!

lc_intocable at yahoo dot com

Melonie said...

Lily loves her tutu you made for her. She loves to dance around and dress up with her friends. It is so cute and fits her skinny body perfectly (a hard thing to do)! So fun. Thank you!

Stephanie said...

Those are adorable!!