July 30, 2009

Hurry- great giveaway ends tomorrow at midnight!

I've just discovered this amazing website: Moda Bake Shop!
(thanks Naomi!) They share "recipes" for deliciously adorable projects and ideas. I have a list a mile long of tutorials I want to try, namely this little number to the left, which they are giving one away! Go here to enter.
Contest ends July 31st at midnight, and there are tons of entries, so if you don't win, grab 4 fat quarters, this recipe and create 3 gift bags!

And enter here for a $50 gift certificate to the fat quarter shop (to get your supplies, of course!)


The Paxton Family said...

Moda Bake Shop is probably my favorite crafting website. I ADORE it! Their tutorials are so simple and their fabric choses gorgeous! I'm glad you like them too :-)

Jeni Hopewell said...

Very cute!!!