September 2, 2009

My mid-week break

I couldn't help myself when I saw this tutorial. I just had to stop working on my orders for an hour or so to make this adorable frog. You know, while my baby was sleeping and I should have been cleaning or washing dishes or getting my act together. Nope, I'd rather sew. I'm a little addicted these days.
Here's Bob the Frog. Well, it's more like Bog the Bog to my little 2 year old. That's what he calls him.
He didn't take long at all-- except that I forgot to sew his eyes in and had to rip out my handstitching... a little setback, but now he can see!
free pattern and instructions at the purl bee


Lolly Jane said...

bah that's ADORABLE!!!

The Cahoons! said...

Hey Kirsti, it's Ashley from back in the day in Claremont. I found you on Sarah's blog. You're stuff is really cute, and I'm getting some really good Christmas ideas from your blog. I now plan on making three of these frogs and the little boy ties as well. I'm glad I found you, hope you're doing well! My blog is