October 13, 2010

{Boo}ttun frame!

Hello there I am Jennie Larsen from Craft-O-Maniac, and I am thrilled to be a visitor on Kirstikoo Handmade. I am also thrilled I was invited to partake in the FUN -THRILLING- 13 days of Halloween. What a joyous time these next few months are, and October is certainly a fun month to start off the celebrating. We need to savor each holiday as they come. "SAVOR" is the perfect word when we think of Halloween {TREATS} that is. ;)

Well today I am thrilled to show you how I made my {{BOOttun Frame!}}

 These two pictures are the final product!
   HERE IS THE HOW TO: First cut your burlap out and add some mode podge to the frame backing. Next lay the burlap over the mode podge smoothing it out. Then map out your buttons on the burlap before you start hot gluing. You want to make sure you have the right size as well as the room. Just be careful when gluing and also not to bump the other buttons that aren't glued.
Then I cut pieces of scrap paper to size for the border. I made sure it fit the frame as well as around the button saying.
Then with a glue stick I glued each strip down.
next I used my Distress Ink and Distressed the orange scrap paper.
For another layer I did the same with black scrapbook paper. Cut to size and glued down over the orange paper.
So that it will look like this.
LASTLY put your frame with glass (optional) back together. My frame was an oak finish and I did a white acrylic paint {glaze} on it, where you stroke the glaze on and wipe off with a rag.
thank you so much Kirsti and thank you all for stopping by. Come visit me at CraftOManiac. Jen


Lyndsey said...

so cute :)

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Very creative! I like it. I will also try to make something like that this. Thanks for sharing.


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So cute Jenn! I love it!!


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