October 4, 2010

Halloween Day #3- Spooky Welcome Mat

Hi KirstiKoo followers!
This is Kelli visiting from LollyJane BOOtique  to show you all how to make a SPOOKY welcome mat.

I was browsing at Target the other day and saw this cute one with a $12 price tag:
Twelve dollars?
To display for 4 weeks?!
No thanks.

So I headed to my local $1 store and picked up this festive mat:

and simply sprayed a coat of haunted Halloween black across the front and
cut a mock stencil with my vinyl cutter and slapped that puppy on.

I dabbed ghostly acrylic white paint across front & center aaaaaaaand

A spooky Halloween mat:

This project only cost me $1 since I had everything else on hand.
Take that, Target! :)
Happy Halloween from Lolly Jane!
Thanks for hosting, KirstiKoo!

. . . . . .

PS: Leave a comment to snag your own stencil for one of the giveaways on KirstiKoo's 13 Days of Halloween! 
Rules to win:
  • Must follow Kirsti Koo
  • Must follow Lolly Jane
  • extra entry: "like"/friend to Kirsti Koo
  • "like"/friend to Lolly Jane
Good Luck! :)


Jewels said...

You're amazing! Can I just say that? Amazing. I want to be your neighbor. :)

Christine Dallimore said...

Oh that is SO clever and darling!!!

Mariah said...

Love it! I can't wait to go to the dollar store and try this craft out!

sayer13 said...

I Love it! I actually like yours better than the one from Target!

Meka said...

I love it, and I agree I like it better then the target one! A lot better!!!

BrItTaNy & JeThEr DoDd said...

i love this and did all of the following!!

Parker Jane Boutique said...

So cute!! Love it!

the W* family said...

Love it! What a FUN idea!

Nitasha said...

I love Target just as much as the next girlie, but uhhh, yeah lovin' this cute $1 welcome mat even more!!! Thanks for the inspiration!

Shannon L. said...

Love that mat...what a great idea! I have become a follower and fb liker of both of you! Looking forward to future posts from both!

Kelly, Carrie, Kylie and Zachary said...

Can't wait to try the $ store craft out!

The Richins Family said...

oh my goodness i LOVE your blog kristi!
i love this mat idea too. i am totally going to make this. thanks. jenny

MeTheTree said...

I had the one from target last year and some jerk stole it in December... thanks for this awesome idea! now I can make one that is even cooler!

way to go!

Annie Clueless said...

Great job, I love this.