October 11, 2010

Halloween Tree from thecraftingchicks.com

It’s Kirsten Wright, one of the six contributors at thecraftingchicks.com!!! I love love love Fall decor so for the last 3 years I’ve made a spooky Halloween tree. It's pretty simple and your kids will love taking part in this one.

  1. Find random branches from old trees, scrub oak branches are the best and easiest to find because there’s always dead ones here and there. I found mine in a field near my house (try and avoid your neighbor’s trees :))
  2. You can make a big one or a small one depending on your personal preference. Then you spray paint them black and stick the brances in green floral foam,
  3. Then you wedge the floral foam into a pot and call it good. From there you can either put that fake moss over the base, or you can find a fall-ish patterned dishrag and put it around the base.
  4. My FAVORITE part....decorate it with small ornaments you can find at craft stores. I got mine at the Rock Loft and Taipan in Utah. You could even make your own if you are on a budget, or wait until the week before Halloween and get them at a discount. After last year, I bought some the day after Halloween and got a screamin’ deal. I plan on buying a few more ornaments each year to add to the this one.
These are perfect for a table centerpiece or an entry way. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Check out our other Halloween projects at our site TheCraftingChicks.com :) Thanks Kirsti for inviting us to post today, you are a doll!!

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Meka said...

I love this!! My daughter would love to help with something like this too! I am off to the dollar store to see if I can find ornaments!