October 25, 2010

The reason I do this {plus pick your favorite pattern!}

Just had to show off my darling little nephew/ latest inspiration:

It's for babies like Caleb that I enjoy doing this so much! I get to see him for Thanksgiving and counting down...in fact, probably making this Turkey Countdown next week to help with the anticipation and excitement.

I had to make a few goodies to celebrate his arrival. This roll up changing pad and car seat canopy.

Pattern on the Car Seat Canopy probably coming soon... any requests?

I love the fabric and the stitching details my new machine can do.
To celebrate over 100 followers, I will be publishing a pattern for a week! Thanks to all my supportive readers- I love your comments-- Let me know which pattern you'd like to see!
All Patterns now available in my shop, just in time for you to make some nice handmade Christmas gifts! Which one would you like to see?


Lori Thompson said...

Love them all, but I'd most like to see the car seat canopy!
THANKS for all you do!!

The Mrs. said...

I would most like to see the burp cloth/wash cloth one! So many of my friends are having babies soon and it says these are good for beginning sewers, so that's my vote!

Lauren said...

They are all wonderful but I'd love to see a pattern for the diaper clutch!

Mrs. Owens said...

It so hard to decide! I'd say the Diaper Clutch. It'd be perfect when I don't want to pack up the diaper bag.

Melonie said...

I love you! :D It was a windy, rainy day today and I'm soo glad we had your canopy on the baby's car seat to keep him safe inside. :)

The Cahoons! said...

Car seat canopy AND the changing pad! :) I need both for this little boy that's coming!

cherie said...

I love them all!! But could really use the diaper clutch right now:)

Christie said...

I would love to see the diaper clutch!!! I think it is a genius idea! I love your blog!