November 9, 2010

My Strange Love for Keyfobs and Everything Ribbons Discount

I created these little guys a couple months ago in celebration of Football Season! I love watching football and grew up as a cheerleader, so I take my Wolfpack Pride very seriously :)
Just the other day I took an order for 42 of these cuties!
I get my supplies from Everything Ribbons on Etsy, they are so easy and fun to make, and would make a great fundraising item and especially Christmas gift.
Here are a couple I have made recently for gifts:
Fabric+Ribbon, just Fabric or just Ribbon; the possibilities are endless! I feel like I need one to match every season :)
To my loyal readers (thank you!): Everything Ribbons is offering 10% off all orders, no minimum purchase required through the end of the year! I have always been impressed with their customer service and super quick delivery time. I've stocked up on supplies needed to create these beauties!
They sell a great starter kit, comes with everything you need to start creating keyfobs and even includes how-to instructions.
I also love these buttons to cover in your fabric scraps. They can be used to make simple hair ties or the center of a fabric flower.
Thanks to Tracie and Michelle for offering us this great discount just in time for some handmade holiday gifts! {Enter KKoo10 at checkout for your discount}


betsey at said...

Did you say Wolfpack pride? You aren't, by any chance, a Chandler High School grad are you? I think I remember reading that you're from the Phoenix area, and as a CHS grad myself, I can certainly recall being part of a "wolf pack" in my teenage days! Small world???

Betsey at

The Paxton Family said...

i just love your key fobs! i thought, "how cute" when you sent me one, now months later i think "oh my goodness where are my keys now... oh yes, here they are! thank goodness there's a pretty blue key fob to find" or "here mak you can carry mom's keys, around your wrist so i know you won't loose them" or my personal favorite "the dark night trip to the car with them held onto to use as a club or sling"
does that sound silly? sorry, but i LOVE it! and there are a million times that I use them and think great thoughts about them so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! you have converted me :-)