January 10, 2011

Free Pattern Winner!

The winner is:
Blogger Kiersten said...

Love the diaperdoo pattern! My happy thought (after a week of sick kiddos) is that it is almost bedtime!!! :~)

Because, Reason #1 your name is awesome (my full name is Kirsten- similar, yet when I get called Kiersten, I don't mind) and #2, after a week of sick kiddos myself I totally understand that feeling, and have decided you deserve a pick-me-up! So send me your email and I'll send your diaperdoo pattern over.

I know that sounds wrong, that I hand picked my winner non-randomly, but you know what?! This is my blog and I'll do what I want! Thank you all for your sweet comments, I really do thrive on my loyal readers! My $5 patterns deal will last until Friday, so if you didn't win, get your favorite pattern HERE!

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Kiersten said...

I am honored & excited! Thank you & yes, you too, have an awesome name!