April 1, 2011

And the winners are...

First of all, I must post a big THANK YOU! to all those who participated in our Simply Create Craft Contest. I know I have enjoyed creating something in the month of March. I think next year, I'll post it with less rules :) Just simply, if you created something this month, enter it here! Live and Learn... But to all 5 of you who entered, you are so talented, and I enjoyed looking at your beautiful creations!

1st Place with 2 crafts entered:
'Look What I Made' Kids Art Display from Eden's Flower Garden
and Itsy Bitsy Spider Gloves
2nd Place:
Sheer (Curtain) Pillow from Craft Goodies
3rd Place:
Yarn Egg Wreath from The Sweet Survival
Winners, please comment me with your favorite 2 prizes and I'll work out who won what (first place gets first pick, then second then third)! YAY! Congratulations and Thanks for linking up your creations!

1 comment:

Meka said...

Oh my gosh I can't even pick. I would really love any of them! I am thinking my baby boy would look way cute in the hat but it's a super hard choice!! I would really be fine with anything. I love the headbands and the teal and red necklace so if someone else really wants the hat I would be fine with the other options!