May 14, 2011

I'm a Makeup and Skin Care Junkie!

Yes, I admit, I really am-you already knew I'm a craft, sewing, home design, holiday decorations junkie. But mostly, I am talking about this super cool blog called I'm a Makeup and Skin Care Junkie.
I'm a guest blogger talking about my favorite Mary Kay skin care and beauty products... plus I am giving away this!!
Go to the beauty blog for more skin care and beauty information, make up application tips and product suggestions. And enter for the chance to win the handmade zipper pouch, mini eyeshadow set, and rose mirror compact!
Skin and Makeup Reviews by Sarah

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Danesa said...

Love it! Did you know that Sarah was one of my best friends in Jr High, until she moved to Colorado? She still is just in a different state. :)Small world for sure.