May 31, 2011

Super Sweet Earring Stud Tutorial and Giveaway!

The past couple of weeks I've been getting ready for my Spring Boutique-- I try to have an open house quarterly where I sell Mary Kay Cosmetics and some Kirstikoo Handmade Goodies! It was a total success and I wish I took more pictures.
My Spring inspiration was this delicious flower bouquet from Costco!
Here are all the things I made while getting ready:
My newest project has been handmade jewelry-- I got a kit to make these adorable tile necklaces here. When you buy the kit with all supplies necessary, you get full instructions on how to make them.
Add a small tin to put the chain necklaces in-- I punched out circles to decorate the tins and wrapped these up for some awesome homemade gifts for Mother's Day and Birthdays.
The other accessory I've been working on are these super sweet stud earrings!
I love these! They are so easy to make and really add a cute touch to your outfit. I grabbed a few fun coordinating fabrics at Jo-Anns, and these size 14 or 20 (1/2") cover buttons (also available at my favorite etsy supply store- everything ribbons). Make sure you get the pusher and mold tools! You will also need earring posts and backs- I got these from Michaels.
(you can save and print the above image)
Then I punched out a cute scallop, stamped a circular image on it and punched two small holes.
Since I was selling necklaces and earrings, I wanted to display them in an aesthetically pleasing manner :) So I made this jewelry frame-- I got an unfinished wood frame from Michaels, painted it black, got 1/2 yard of muslin and glued it into the back of the frame, then glued in some quilt batting behind that. Then I sewed on a few buttons for the necklaces to hang on. I think it turned out great and I will probably move it into my bedroom for my personal jewelry collection.
Let me know what you think!! Oh, and hey I might as well do a giveaway! I'm so thankful for the support of my fabulous readers and followers... all 182 of you! Wanna win these pretties?
Leave me a comment and a random winner will be announced on June 8th (my birthday!)
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AmAzOn said...

Love, LOVE the earrings and the fact that ou tell us how to make them!! THANK YOU for that and the giveaway!!

Meka said...

Wow, that is such a good idea. Everything from the open house to the necklaces and earrings! LOVE!!!! Oh and I REALLY LOVE the jewelry holder you made!!

katie said...

I love all of your cute stuff! I'm wearing my necklace today! Love it! I hope I win some cute earrings too :)

Staci J said...

Thanks for stopping by our blog today Kirstie, your handmade items are adorable!! Wish I could have been at your boutique:) Thanks for being willing to participate in our giveaway, we're excited to have you:)

Madison said...

Some very cute ideas! P.S. Happy Birthday! Mine is June 4th. Geminis are the best! ;)

Annabelle said...

I love all your ideas! Hosting an open house is a great way to sell home made items and a good way to make new friends! Both a plus! I love the earrings you've made! I hope I win them! =]

Naomi Mae said...

Oh my gosh! SO cute! I really really love the necklaces! I am so excited that you got into making jewelry! I've been sketching a bunch of ideas out and there's a metal stamping/cutting kit at michaels that I've been eyeing for weeks now!
Your jewelry box/display frame is beautiful too!
I wish we lived closer!

Michele P. said...

awesome tutorial, very easy to do :) thanks for the step by step photos. loved the cute display setup too!

micaela6955 at msn dot com

Elegantpaws said...

I love your choice of fabrics for the earrings and purses. Gorgeous.