August 3, 2011

Hoodiehoo Hooded Towel Pattern Reveal

We have reached 200 Followers!
Thanks so much to our wonderful readers, followers, comment-ers, and supporters!! I am so happy we have come this far and look forward to many more exciting improvements and posts. I know in the craft-blogging world, we are still small. Sometimes I look at other blogs that have bloomed within one month, or have grown over time to thousands of followers and wish we could be there too... But then I have to remind myself what my #1 job is, and that is being a mommy. So I only have that much more to give. I have LOVED every tutorial, post, feature and seasonal highlight. I am SO inspired by other blogs and tutorials. So once again, thank you!!
To show my appreciation to all 200 followers, I will be doing another pattern reveal! Winner of the favorite pattern vote is the Hoodiehoo Hooded Towel.
All you have to do to view the download is become a Kirstikoo follower, and it's yours. Print it out, sew it up and enjoy your new handmade gift! (Like always, these patterns are for personal use or gifts only. You may not use the pattern to make money or share any part of it. If you decide you'd like to sell towels created with the pattern, you must purchase the license agreement from our etsy store.)
HERE's the download!! Have fun and I'd love to hear your comments. Also, if you need the supplies to make these, let me know, I have hooded towel kits in many colors!
Or if you would like a completed hoodiehoo, you can purchase one from our etsy store and choose your own colors/ribbon!

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