September 3, 2011

Watermelon Printables from Anything But Perfect

So, I should have posted this back in June since Summer is pretty much over. But I still think Watermelons are cute all year round!!
I made this little package for my super sweet babysitter who I think deserves a little appreciation since last week she babysat for free while I attended and spoke at a memorial service and last night I went on a little date with my mom. I hire her for a couple hours one day a week to help to while I get some jobs done. My kids never cry for me when she comes and I know they are taken care of and safe with her. A good babysitter is priceless!!
Anything But Perfect made these cute watermelon thank you cards, and when I saw these watermelon notebooks from Target in the $1 section, I knew I needed a matching circle label (I'm a little obsessed with punching things with my 2 inch scallop cut!)
So I suggested on fb that she make a matching circle tag sheet and she did!! I was down with a cold so never even responded to her, so this is my thank you to her!
I also found a few other cheap items at Michaels back in July-- a pack of 2 scented pens and a watermelon chapstick that completes this gift perfectly! (Maybe they are even on sale now, end of season stuff?)
There is even a watermelon to-do list that matches!! Anything But Perfect makes darling free printable calendars every month, and has a super cute school kit, too. Right now Anything But Perfect is working on a fun Halloween kit and I'm crossing my fingers for some matching circle tags, of course!!

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