October 22, 2014

Sneak Peek- 21 Day Fix Meal Plan!

One of my VERY favorite fitness programs is 21 Day Fix! I love it because the workouts are only 30 minutes long & there's tons of variety in the exercises- from lower body, upper body, cardio, cardio with weights, total body, yoga, pilates & plyo. The other thing I LOVE about this program is the nutrition plan. Instead of counting calories, you get these color coded containers that teach all about portion control & how to eat a balanced diet. I learned so much from following this plan. I was shocked that I was NEVER hungry! But I also never had that full feeling when you walk away from the table and wish you had a few less bites.
Here's a little sneak peek at how the meal plan works.... each color container represents a different food group. Purple= Fruit (Grapes) Red= Protein (Turkey Burger Patty) Yellow= Grain (Bun- MultiGrain sandwich thins). 

The size of the box teaches you how MUCH food to eat. Then depending on your weight & goals you'll get so many of each container per day.

This program teaches not only WHAT foods to eat to fuel your body but HOW much of it, because even good foods can be over eaten. In my experience though, what I LOVE about this program is that I have to make a conscious effort to eat enough. We do 6 meals a day which helps you to constantly have enough nutrients & energy to get everything done you need to & feel great doing it.

Click HERE for more information about this awesome program {Enter your email for a free DVD, and so I can contact you regarding your goals!} Not only will I help you find a program that will help you reach your goals, I will walk you through the workouts, give you a full nutrition plan to follow for 21 days, and put you in a private support group through facebook so you can be surrounded by other supportive, uplifting people who are all working on a healthier lifestyle!

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