November 8, 2014

Pass the Pumpkin, Sing in Round: Primary Singing Time

If you missed our Thankful Turkey lesson, you can find it HERE!
Here's another fun lesson for November!!

Pass the Pumpkin:
We sing I am Glad for Many Things (151), it really only takes a minute to learn, it's so easy! I have 
"I am Glad for" written on the board before they come in.
We sing it a few times and pass a baby pumpkin as we sing. When the song ends, whoever it lands on will say one thing they are thankful for. Write it on the board! Once you have done this 3 times in a row, you will have 3 things to substitute in the song for "many things"
One example is:
I am Glad for
Lego Toys,
Food to Eat,
and My Mom
I am Glad for many things
That are mine today!

Then depending on how much time you have, do it again!!
The second verse is great because we talk about saying Thank You (which is what Thanksgiving is all about!) You could pass the pumpkin again and have them name one way they can "say" thank you. Like, help my mom, say my prayers, write a letter...

Sing in Round:
We learn For Health and Strength (21) line by line.
I use these pictures to help me teach the words as well as the word strips so they know what the 4 parts are for the round! 
1. We talk about our healthy bodies, and all the things we can do with them. Have them jump, turn around, wave their arms, stomp their feet.
2. We talk about how we have food to eat each day, and not everyone around the world has that blessing.
3. We talk about what "praise" means and how we can thank the Lord through prayer
4. We talk about how the "Lord" could mean God or Jesus but we can thank them both for the blessings we have!
This is super fun and the kids love singing all together. I split up the room into 4 parts (you could have them go in four corners if you want!) Then rotate the pictures so they each get to do each part! I think we sang 3 times in a row, then of course the last group will do a little solo once the other groups end :)

Have FUN!!


Emily said...

Thanks so much for the great ideas! You made my day so much easier!

Susie Faye said...

yes! thank you! Simple but fun is my mantra so this idea was perfect! you and your family have such a cute blog here! This is my first time, I'll be back!

Kirsti said...

Thank you Emily & Susie Faye!! I appreciate your comments & kind words :)

Eve Burch said...

We will have to play pass the pumkin next week. What a great idea!