May 6, 2015

Meal Planning Made Easy!

Just wanted to share a little testimonial about our 21 day meal plan, from one of our Super Life challenge members:
"I'm about 17 days into the 21 day fix and I definitely don't plan on stopping at 21 days. I love this program and it has changed my entire outlook on my eating habits- it's very clear why I wasn't loosing weight before!! Also, I'm down 10 pounds and even my hubby has been noticing. Here's to the next 10 pounds!! It's great that I know I will get there because now I have the tools!"
--Brittney Paterno
This meal plan really is the best! It helps with portion control and eating a balanced diet, plus no more counting calories with the easy to use color-coding system. I provide a 21 day meal plan that is fool proof and delicious, you measure the food and whatever doesn't fit in the containers, you can save for your next meal (or tomorrow!) And if you think this must be another one of those 'starvation diets,' check out the bottom picture with a full plate of food. And that's just one of SIX meals in one day! {because when you eat healthy, you can actually eat MORE}
Plus you get a 30 minute workout program that has tons of variety and will help you to lose fat, build muscle, develop better habits and keep you feeling amazing from home, AND you'll get unlimited access to our private support group of lots of other women who are all working on our goals together. If this sounds amazing, message me asap or drop your email below and I'll message you details soon!

Go HERE for a little more information about the 21 Day program!

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