February 18, 2016

Strive to be Better

This morning as I was reading my favorite scripture study book ((21 Days Closer to Christ)), I was reminded of a blog article I read a couple weeks ago about accepting mediocrity. I have to admit, this article totally messed with my head because I completely understand that the point of the message was that, a successful life is a happy life, and it doesn't matter if we are famous for doing anything specific, as long as we have taken care of our families and living with integrity. I loved reading "all I really want is a small, slow, simple life. A mediocre life. A beautiful, quiet, gentle life. I think it is enough." And it should be "enough" BUT it allowed me to slow down and stop striving for better. 

And I think that settling for less than what we can achieve or become is just not why we are here and we are worth more. We are capable of doing so much good in the world...We do not all have the same gifts or talents, so it's important to learn to celebrate the gifts we have been given and then learn how to be the very best we can in those areas. It's really common to dwell on our failures, or our short comings, and I think that is where we want to just settle and say, "oh all I want is a mediocre life, anyway" But if we are consistently striving to do better, to reach out to more people, to improve our habits at home... we don't have to have a mediocre life. We can have a brilliant, wonderful, meaningful life where we offer our gifts and talents to others and bring people joy just because we are striving to be better!!

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