September 29, 2016

How to Create Consistent Habits with Exercise!

Creating Consistency is one of the most important qualities in life. We can't clean our house once and expect it to stay clean. You can't go to church once and feel uplifted for the whole year. Likewise, you can't eat one salad or do one workout and think that's enough to keep your body healthy. Here are some tips to help you create that habitual lifestyle where your workouts are naturally part of your day....

First of all, I totally have to admit, I have a love/hate relationship with working out, but I have figured out a few things along the way that help me to enjoy exercising more and create a more consistent habit of working out:

1. Do it for the instant endorphins. Sometimes if our motivation is only weight loss or to look different, working out can be discouraging if you don't see results right away. Having the mindset of working out to get stronger, have more energy and feel happier helps because that will always happen when you workout!
2. Do what you enjoy!! I don't know about you but I LOVE being able to workout from home. I'm not a gym rat, and I don't like running. I LOVE the variety of the programs that Beachbody has to offer, there's truly something for everyone, or in my case- something for every mood!

3. Celebrate small victories: This is so important!! Recognize the small milestones along the way, like that you have more energy, are feeling more productive, your clothes are fitting better, you are able to go one size heavier on your weights, you can go longer into your workout before feeling fatigue, you aren't craving as much sugar, you are sleeping better, and the scale victories along the way. Don't forget to take measurements, as a lot of times as you lose fat and build muscle, the scale may not change but you will be losing inches.

4. Find your "sweet spot" I know for some people they love to get up early and do it before the kids get up so they can shower and be ready for the day early. Others like to do it at night after everything is done and as a way to unwind. My husband uses his lunch break during the day. I personally love to do late mornings after my big kids are off to school and I have already had breakfast so my body likes this time best. Figure out what works best for you and stick to that schedule. which brings me to #4.

5. Put it in your calendar like it is an important meeting you can't miss! You wouldn't cancel or a friend or your boss would you? Don't cancel on yourself!!

I've realized that exercise has been one of the biggest factors in pulling me out of a depressed state and helping me to fight off anxiety on a daily basis. If you need ideas on what workouts to do, you should try the On Demand Library. There's so many awesome workouts and even a Challenge du Jour each day which is fun too for variety!

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