May 22, 2017

Self belief through our struggles

Recently, I asked what you all struggle with the most when it comes to getting and staying fit and healthy!

 --I can relate to each of you because I used to struggle with ALL of it! Although I LOOK like I'm pregnant in this before photo, I was NOT. I had no clue what I should be eating (even though I thought I knew what was "healthy"!) I had the WORST sweet tooth (I vividly remember at that time that I never missed a night of sweets- a cupcake a day kept the depression away was my motto). I had joined the gym with a friend but only attended classes once a week when she promised to meet me there. I was living with my parents, defeated and unhappy.

 Beachbody has been my solution. It's pure and simple health and fitness. It's daily support and constant encouragement. It's a team of other like-minded people rooting me on. all. day. long. I have learned how to cook & eat best for me and my family. My chocolate-a-day is now in the form of a healthy shake. I actually ENJOY working out- fitness is actually FUN now. I feel alive, healthy & joyful. I know that whatever I want to do in life is possible because I believe in myself now. The best part is this mindset shift I have experienced. Enjoying my workouts and eating right has given me back my confidence, my self-esteem, my self-love. Being able to guide others to their own journey has me feeling SO fulfilled and happy each day. I have more energy, my insides feel better, I feel calmer, I create more joy daily, I am a better mom... I could go on and on. Every area of my life was made better when I started taking care of me 💕

 So yes, we all have struggles. Making healthy decisions can be hard. I hear ya! But I have a simple solution... I didn't say an "easy" solution. But it is simple. I want to help you to love where you are in life. I want to help you be thankful for the community of women surrounding you. I want to help you create healthy choices and be dang proud of YOUR after picture! Comment below if you want details about my June Mentorship group. I will choose 5 women to work side by side with and be your true friend and help you create the progress and movement you are seeking for in your life!

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