August 18, 2009

6 Down, 13 TO GO!

Finished the 6 Superman capes!
I'm still working on the 7 WonderWoman and 6 Batman Capes! My goal is to get them out on Friday and then I've got lots of new fabric to show you!!


The Paxton Family said...

Your capes are BEAUTIFUL! I'm so excited that If my kids ever want a super hero birthday, I know who to order from! You do such great work! And with 2 kids running around! You really are amazing and next year when I have 2 also I will be calling you all the time for advice I think :-)

Melonie said...

super SuperMan Capes! Way to go, Wonder Woman!

Stephanie said...

That birthday party sounds fun-19 toddlers running around being batman, wonderwoman and superman! :)
The capes look great!