August 21, 2009

Silky Superhero Cape- Perfect for Birthday Parties

Here they are, all 19 of them! I dropped them off at the post office this morning and was truly sorry to see them go. I love the idea and pretty sure my son's 3 year old b-day will involve superman, batman and even some wonder women.

don't you just love my toesies?
Capes measure 18 X 23 and are shown on 7 year olds. They are perfect for toddlers and young children, but I couldn't get my 2 1/2 year old to hold still (he must be 2 1/2 or something!)
Velcro closure in the front is perfect for little hands to put on and undo themselves.
I can make these in any colors and with any kind of logo: name your favorite superhero or first initial and I will create it for you out of felt!
Large order discounts are available for birthday parties and fun events! Email at, comment on the blog or send me a conversation through etsy for questions and details.

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The Paxton Family said...

I love, love LOVE your capes!!!! Seriously! I can't wait for my nieces and nephews to be old enough to want to be super heroes! You make so many gorgeous things!