August 24, 2009

Diaperdoo Clutch VS. Diaperdoo Pouch

I make two types of Diapedoos. One is a clutch style, it lays horizontal with two pockets. The other, diaperdoo pouch is drop-in style, lays vertical and has one pouch for diapering supplies.
I started with the pouch pattern and revised it to make it a little more stylish and unique. I love the way it appears to be a clutch and not just a mommy bag. The pockets are nice to have separate compartments for diapers and wipes. Diaper clutches contain 3 fabric choices.
Recently I have gone back to the original pouch pattern and revised it to make it perfect. I've added some room to fit diapering supplies like powder and cream and this has become the perfect diaperdoo for mom's who have more than one child in diapers and are carrying around more than 2 or 3 diapers. Diaper pouches contain 2 fabric choices; inner and outer and close with velcro.
Whether you are a full time, on the go mom with triplets or a busy working mom with one baby, you can find a diaperdoo that will fit your needs and match your style. Diaperdoos are the perfect addition to your diaperbag and allow moms to be stylish, hip, organized and prepared!

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Toni said...

I'm that crazy mom w/ triplets and I love my diaperdoo! It's so nice to have all the necessities in one little bag to grab and go to the mother's lounge.