July 28, 2011

Jewelry Making {Craft Camp} Tutorials

Last summer I taught a few Art Camps in Texas. This summer I added a new class, a Jewelry Making Craft Camp. Today was our final day, and we had a blast! I want to share with you the projects we created and how to do them:

The first thing we made was clay flowers for earrings and bobby pins. I have to tell you how excited I am about these! I purchased these molds from MoldMuse on etsy a couple months ago, hoping to master the resin process.
I did lots of research and bought the Castin'Craft line of epoxy/resin products and dyes, and I just couldn't get it right. Even after following directions on mixing and dye proportion, my flowers would cure tacky and had bubbles in most of the flower tips. So I decided to try the less expensive and much easier option, Sculpey Clay. I am SO happy with how they turned out! And the most reasonable technique for 9-12 year old girls.
Clay Flower Cabochons:
Step 1: Fill Sculpey Clay in the cavities of the molds. We added bobby pins (with pad), earring studs, and even the back of a cover button (pad and loop) for a hair tie. Just push the flat part into the clay so it bakes right in.
Step #2: Bake at 275 degrees for 15-20 minutes.
Step #3: Cool and pop clay out of the mold--another thing I love about these molds is they pop right out, even my unattractive looking resin flowers popped out easily.
Step #4: Decorate some scrapbook paper to display new jewelry and accessories. We used 3X3 inch squares, with small hole punches for the bobby pin cards and 2 inch scallops for the earring cards. I got out my stamps for the girls to stamp their names, or fun designs:

The ring pad didn't sit well in the mold, so we baked it without and glued it with some E600 after the clay cooled. A scallop punch and slit punch for the rings turned out great.
One of the girls said her hair was too thin to hold a bobby pin, so I improvised and used the back piece of a cover button (the flat pad and loop) to set in the mold. Then we looped a hair tie through it and it made a beautiful hair tie!
I think these make great gifts and they were SO easy to make!

The next project we did was the glass tile necklaces. You can purchase a kit to make them HERE at Willow Run Crafts on Etsy, these were easy enough for the girls and they turned out so professional looking. They decorated tins to match- using circle punches for the bottom and top of the tin and stamps to embellish.
The next day, we focused on fabric jewelry. The first project we did was decoupaged beads. We took large wooden beads (I found a huge tub from Michaels for $5 that worked great) and covered them with mod podge and fabric squares. I think this was the hardest project for them, you really have to be able to manage the fabric carefully. Here's the tutorial:
Fabric Covered Bead Bracelet:
Step #1: Paint Mod Podge on the bead and cover with about a 2 inch square of fabric.
Step #2: Twist the ends like you would a hard candy wrapper. Hold for a few seconds for glue to set.
Step #3: Cut off excess fabric and using a meat skewer or pointed dowell, poke fabric inside the hole of the bead. I told the girls if you can't see through the bead, it won't work, so many times they had to pull out the fabric, cut more and try again.
Step #4: Then using hemp string with a clasp tied to one end, string beads with a double knot in between each one. Then tie off with a clasp to close.
They turned out so cute, are so unique and pretty easy to make!
The last thing we did were these fabric flower headbands:
Basically you wrap the plastic headband in grosgrain ribbon, using a glue gun to adhere the ribbon on. Create the flower using THIS tutorial I created for the tote bags. Instead of finishing it on a pin, glue the flower to the headband and knot the tail and other end around the headband. Easy Peasy!

I'm excited for my next two camps: Messy Fun Toddler Camp (most projects from here!) and an Eric Carle Camp, inspired by Very Hungry Caterpillar, we will be doing lots of art projects with Caterpillars & Butterflies- collage, relief stamping, 3-D projects and more! I will post pictures after the camps.

Also, when I get 5 more followers (200 total), I will be revealing another one of my sewing patterns for all my readers, so if you are new to Kirstikoo Handmade Gifts, follow me and you won't be disappointed. Go HERE to vote on your favorite pattern for the reveal.
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Naomi Mae said...

Oh. My. Gosh. How cute! I am SO in love with the clay jewelry! Seriously I want to go out and buy the set to make a bunch right now!!!!!!!

Melonie said...

How fun! I'll bet the girls all had a blast with you!

Elegantpaws said...

Wow, those clay cabuchons look great! Well done. Thanks for the link to the moulds too.

Kelly @ Run With Glitter said...

I have the rose molds from them. I lOve them too!!! I never thought of using the bigger ones for a hair tie! Great idea!!!! Thank you so much for sharing on the glitter blog. In sharing this on our fb page!!

Jen-CraftOManiac said...

TO FUN TO TO CUTE. I will take the yellow bobby pins LOVE THEM. winks-jen

Michelle said...

Love the clay with the mold. I'll have to look for some molds! The fabric beads are super cute too! Thanks for linking up with DIY under $5!

Anonymous said...

I love those molds and have been wanting some so bad! I am glad you showed a tutorial on how to make the hair pieces. They are soo cute. It looks like so much fun! I have a party going on over at my blog if you want to join! I'd love to have you! Check it out under the "Stache Party" page on my blog: mylilpumpkinpatch.blogspot.com

Erin of HomeSavvyAtoZ.com said...

Wow! I am so impressed! I use similar molds for making chocolate candies all the time and had no clue molds like this were used for making jewelry and hair pieces. Beautiful!

I would love for you to link up at my Savvy HomeMade Monday blog party that is still going on at


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Rachel said...

You are being featured this week at Lines Across My Face. This is such a useful post and I seriously want to try all of these ideas. Thanks for linking up last week to the Monday link party and I hope to see you again this week.