April 15, 2011

Die Cut Fabric Flower Tutorial and Tote Bag from Placemat!

I love these flowers! I use them on everything from headbands and tote bags to bracelets and picture frames. Here's how I make them:
Cut out fabric flowers. I use the Big Shot machine with the Flower Folds, but they have tons of flower die cuts out there for any machine. If you don't have a die cut machine, just draw a simple flower or print one off to create a template. I always use 2 or 3 different sizes, and you can use a felt flower and button for the center, or a fabric covered button like here! (see bottom of post)
Then just stack the flowers how you like them and sew it together (I use embroidery floss) with the button on top and the pin on the back.
I love using pins when I'm making them for a tote bag or jewelry so that it is interchangable and can be used for a few different accessories!
Then using your glue gun, place a piece of felt or fabric over the knot and glue it down. This just ensures the safety of the piece and will allow it to last forever:
Then pin it to the beautiful handmade tote bag: I love making these tote bags from placemats, tutorial found HERE from My Creative Outlet! Target, Home Goods and Crete and Barrel have great ones! This is the easiest project- it takes about 5 steps total!! I add a piece of 1 inch velcro to the top to help them stay closed and keeps contents inside.
I've also made these for headbands:
The headband is pretty self-explanatory- wrap headband in ribbon (gluing often) and tie then glue flower to top (but not center) of headband!!

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The Paxton Family said...

Hey, that's my bag! I am SOOOO in love with it, it's perfect to put all the pieces in for a quick knit project so I can take it out to the park. Or for Mak to stuff her duck/doll in with some much needed accessories! Lately she has started carrying books around in it! Are you going to sell them? They are SOOOOO SOOOO cute! I love them!