November 16, 2011

Turkey Preschool activities AND Turkey Shirts!

Today I was in charge of our co-op preschool group. We do this once a week, a casual, learning playgroup where the mom's end up teaching once a month but get a morning to ourselves each week...see my hidden motives? Kids learn, I get free time :)
So, we learned about Turkeys!
I created popsicle stick puzzles from this turkey printable from 2 Teaching Mommies. I told them to guess what we would be learning about once they had their puzzles together. Our boys just finished learning the numbers 1-10 so this was a perfect review activity!
Then we read the book 10 Fat Turkeys- which they LOVED! and we played Feed the Turkey. Printable also from 2 Teaching Mommies' Turkey Packet. Basically, you roll the die and get to insert that number of "food" in the turkey (paper taped on a cereal box with a slit!). Once they learned what a turkey eats and played the game (once again reviewing numbers 1-6 from the dice), we did a turkey craft.
Of course I found this idea on pinterest. Here's the inspiration:
Then we had a turkey snack-- bread (cut out with turkey cookie-cutter), fish cracker feathers and raisin eyes (cuz that's what I had in the pantry ;) One of the boys told me he didn't like turkey so he wouldn't cut his like a turkey. I told him it was still bread but he didn't believe me!
Then I let them play while I traced their hands and got everything ready for the next craft...
Turkey puppets!! We cut out their hands, glued on feathers on each finger, eyes on the thumb and a large popsicle stick on the back. Love it!
And for another fun turkey idea, these shirts are super cute!!
We took this last year- my boys are the 2 bookends and their cousins are in the middle! Can't wait to get together again this year!
Full tutorial and template for the Turkey T-shirt from The Cottage Home here!
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