April 27, 2012

A few new items:

I've gone back and forth lately on keeping this blog or letting it go. I just don't have the time to be an avid blogger, and I don't get the satisfaction I used to from it. But one thing I do know is that the balance in my life is exactly where it should be and my family is where I receive the greatest joy.
That being said, I have been creating a lot of goodies lately worth reporting (or so I think they're pretty cool!)

TONS of Super Hero Capes! I love this family of lightnings, they also bought a MOM and DAD set to go with them!

We just finished an order for Lithium Brands, 23 capes in the logos of their winners for an awards ceremony. It's hard to tell but these logos represent some well known companies like: HP, Cisco, Telekom and Levono!-- sorry about the strange angle of this picture, I feel like we are sliding off a cliff! :)

I just finished this order today, a Cancer Awareness Super Set for a family involved in Relay for Life with their Mom/Grandma- I love this design and decided to keep it available in my shop year round with your option of ribbon colors. I have a list of the ribbon colors and what they represent. I love the idea of raising awareness with a Super Hero Set! Too cool.

I'm incredibly grateful to my Aunt, Terri who does most of the sewing for our etsy shop. Without her I wouldn't be able to run this business. I love that I can still be creative in thinking up the designs and felt logos, but don't have to spend all the time sewing the capes (which doesn't feel creative to me, it feels like work!!) I feel like we are a great team and she has amazing sewing skills. AND, really I owe all my sewing knowledge to her, since she introduced me to my sewing machine and taught me the basics when I was a kid!

And these cuties, I made for my little sister's baby blessing. TOO BAD they didn't fit :( but they were still very fun to make, and I will be making some in fun prints soon. Pattern from Lady Bug Bend on etsy.

And another thing I love about having more time for my family is that I can actually sew things for myself! I've been wanting to cover the bench pads for this window bench since we moved in a year ago and finally got around to it! They were so easy and fun to make!

And if you are wondering if I cook as well as I sew, the answer is NOPE!!
Although I am cooking up something pretty special right now :)

Our first baby girl, due August 13th! I'll have some pretty cool baby girl stuff to show soon! :)

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