May 8, 2012

Last Minute Teacher Appreciation Gifts!

For Christmas last year, I made a felt apple ornament for my son's preschool teacher. I think these are darling year round, and if you wanted to do something more, you could tie this to a gift, or a bag of their favorite treat. I made these the same way as my Christmas Tree Ornaments, HERE.

So, funny story: Last Friday (during my son's preschool) I started freaking out thinking it was the last day of teacher appreciation week, and I better do something so I don't look like an ungrateful parent! I decided to go to our family-owned grocery store and put in a gift certificate with a couple apples, tie off with a green ribbon and leaf tag. We dropped it off when I picked him up and by the teacher's response I realized it must not be teacher appreciation week (yet). I thought I was late, but really I was a week early. (Yea, I would do that! One year, all day I thought it was St. Patrick's Day but really it was a week later. I even put shamrock stickers on my friends. I was 18.) But either way, this is a very simple and still thoughtful gift any teacher would love!

This would be great with a gift certificate of any kind- target, book store, craft store, starbucks...
Here are a couple other favorites I have seen around pinterest and the blogging world:
I LOVE the classic apple (obviously!) and these cupcakes are so adorable! Make and Takes explains how to make them step by step. Brilliant:
I love this idea to take school supplies and turn them into gifts- it would be so easy to type up these labels, and you know teacher's LOVE school supplies! From I saw that going differently in my head.
Tip Junkie has TONS of handmade gift ideas, teacher printable and even gifts especially for male teachers. Such a great selection of ideas HERE!

Anyway you do it, your child's teacher will love having something that acknowledges you are thankful for them and appreciate your hard work. Even if you don't have time to do anything else, have your child draw them a picture or write them a note.


Handmade gifts said...

Handmade gifts are among the best things to give to teachers or any special person - it comes with memories for keeps. Glad to read your blog!

Didi said...

Oh!! This apples are so cute!! This cupcakes looks amazing. I would love to know how they tastes. ;)
I want to invite You on my favourite site. Check it out! ;)

dinesh maharjan said...

it is such a creative are. really very nice Apple.