February 17, 2015

Nursery Singing Time!

Just wanted to share my nursery routine with you because it works so well! We do a variety of church & non church songs but you could easily adjust this to church only if you wanted!

1. We have stars on a stick with their name on it. You could give each of them a star sticker to add each week if you wanted!
Twinkle, twinkle little star
I am like a star
"We can all be like bright shining stares when we share toys, are kind and smile at our friends!"
2. These are little monster finger puppets. They love them!
If you chance to meet a frown... Then I have them each show me their smiles as they hand back the monster!
3. Pencils & pie tins to make drums. They practice rhythm while we sing
Book of Mormon Stories
Then they hand in their pencil and we sing the wheels on the bus with the tin being their "wheel". We JUST do people, babies, mommies, daddies.
Then I show them a picture of the temple and tell them "our whole family rode the bus to a very special place, where is it??" The we sing
I love to see the temple
4. I found these adorable animal puppets at Ikea and couldn't resist they were like $3! So if there's still time we sing Old McDonald had a farm but "The prophet Noah had an arc" then you sing "and on his arc he had 2 turtles..." 

And who created all these beautiful animals? Jesus & Heavenly Father!

If there's extra time or they are particularly wiggly, we will do
Once there was a snowman, do as I'm doing or another fun easy song to go with the season or lesson. Then we close with the Prayer Song and say the closing prayer. Hope this helps!!


Anonymous said...

You're brilliant! I'm using this on Sunday. Got any other ideas?! Thank you so much!

Amy Evans said...

Love it!