February 6, 2015

Valentine's Day Primary Singing Time

Just thought of a fun and super easy activity for Singing Time this week!! I have a heart puzzle and will hide each piece around the room (for Jr. primary I will have the shapes outlined on the board so they know exactly where to place the piece once they find it) they will read the statement and then pianist will play the first few notes for them to guess what song it is. 
Then we will sing. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy... and fun ;)

Here are the songs I'm doing, but it would be easy to adjust accordingly:

-We can show our love for Jesus by following His example (78)
I’m trying to be like Jesus

 -We know our Savior loves children (IKTMSLM)
I know that my Savior loves me

 -We can show our love for Heavenly Father by choosing the right (160)
Choose the Right Way

-We know God loves us because He Sent His Son (34)
He Sent His Son

-Someone else loves us that will never allow us to “go astray” (110)
Follow the Prophet

-I love you!

Pick your favorite song :)


Sharee said...

Love this idea!!!

Chris and Kristy said...

I did this activity today and it was a great success. Thanks for sharing your idea!

Kirsti said...

I'm so glad!!! We enjoyed doing it too!

Kirsti said...

I'm so glad!!! We enjoyed doing it too!