April 6, 2016

The trial that changed my life

On Tuesdays I usually share stories of my coaches, challengers and friends. I love celebrating their victories, because when they are successful in reaching their goals, I am successful in my mission of helping women feel confident, happy, and strong.

Today I dig deep to tell my own story. Not many of you know this but when my second child, Jackson was born, he and I both almost died. Thankfully, he was born just fine, but I was left broken and had to pull myself out of a deep depression. I had to have an emergency c-section and for some horrible reason, they cut me up and down (to get him out quicker). The damage to my stomach muscles and the pain I endured was excruciating. As I recovered for months from this traumatic birth physically, I realized I was not ok mentally or emotionally. I would have flashbacks of the moments before they rushed me back, put me under, and the realization that I failed set in. I wasn’t even able to be awake when he was born, and Jeff and I both missed out on his birth and the first, very special moments of his life.

For months, I woke up sad, confused, exhausted, alone. I had a handful of wonderful friends that came to my aid to rescue me and to borrow Tyler so I could sleep with my baby. It’s so weird to say but at the exact same time that I felt alone and sad, I felt surrounded by angels. I started to learn about service and kindness. I LOVE helping others but at that time, I had to learn that it was my turn to be helped. I had to allow others to help clean my kitchen, hold my baby, play with my toddler, do my laundry, bring me dinner. WHAT a humbling experience.
Then one day I felt strong enough to serve someone else. After a series of random events, I ended up at the grocery store without my kids (that never happens!) and I saw a dear friend who had just gone through the exact same thing I went through a year before. I KNEW that she was in pain. I KNEW that it would be hard for her to get her groceries to the car. I KNEW in that moment why I was there, and WHY I had gone through this experience. It’s so that I can help others who have been through the same things I have.

We have trials so that we can help others through theirs. Almost every day I have a mom message me, asking for help. She explains to me about how she recently had a baby and wants to get her body back, or she had a c-section, her muscles are damaged, her energy is gone. And I thank the Lord that I’ve been through what we went through so that I can be here to help them because I KNOW what it feels like to be in that place.

The person on the left was me after having our third baby, Lulu. Another c-section (luckily a low, transverse) but I wasn’t where I wanted to be. My body hurt, I had no energy, I felt like the depression I experienced with Jackson’s birth would return at any moment. I knew I needed to be proactive and fight that off. I couldn’t let myself get to the point where I was at after Jackson was born. I had 3 little people who needed me to be strong. I told myself I deserve this. That’s when I started working out and eating healthy. I had to be intentional about my habits and my routine.
After about a week of doing my workouts every day and drinking my superfood shake, I felt like a totally new person. I had more energy to get my household tasks done, more enthusiasm for my kids. I wasn’t faking it when I played with them. I was truly enjoying life for the first time in years! And all it took was making the decision to get healthy and a strong desire to feel better.

If you are looking for help with your health and fitness, I would LOVE to be a part of your journey. I have helped hundreds of women reach their goals and in turn be a happier wife, a more productive mom, and stronger woman. Comment below and I will reach out to you. I am here to help you!

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Paxton said...

You are such an amazing woman! Your kids are so very lucky to have such a strong role model of service!