April 30, 2011

NEW! Bibaroo Hand Towel Bib Pattern

These Hand Towel Bibs are perfect for messy situations! Why is it that the second you put the little ones in nice clothes, they decide they want to eat chocolate pudding (all by themselves) or spaghetti with meatballs (with their hands)? These are great to keep in your diaper bag when you eat out, and have a few in the cupboards for daily feeding. Also, my boys got so good at removing their velcro'ed bibs that I just stopped trying- I don't know what I'd do without these bibs! Hand Towel Bibs are created with stretchy knit material, so they pull over the heads easily, and cover their entire top half! Remove the messy bib, throw in the wash with your other towels and avoid having to change yet another outfit!
Professionally designed and created, this PDF pattern is easy to follow and great for even beginning sewers. Available now in my etsy store!
Tons of cute hand towels I've found at Big Lots for $5.00 per pack of 2 or 3. These would be super cute with a white or colored neck band!!

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The Paxton Family said...

Awesome! I tried making one of these and utterly failed! But I am SO buying this pattern this fall when I get my sewing machine back!